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The xOxO CheatCode

I celebrate
The same ways
I did
In my youth.

Making social
A non need,
But Something that i will do…

Like a desert flower
that’s on its last stem
Forever In bloom.

There is
No safer place
Then right here alone,
inside of my room…

By The Time

By the time

you have

all your ducks

in a row,

will you be

able to keep up

with how fast

the paddles then row,

can the stream

on a string

be enough

to satisfy the hold,

that you’ve been

clinging on to

from the days of your youth

now that your old,


is the word

we think when we reminisce

of how we’ve conformed,

stuck to our guns

but the ammo collected

hasnt grown

with the mold,

that the summer heat


but the winter

brings the cold,

that can either

freeze us on our tracks

or add a retail value

to our soul,


when you’re in water

and fly

when you have the wings to sour,


hold back

embrace your curiosity


tatoos & smiles

covered behind

the ink

that she feels expresses

her inner self,

lieing through

her teeth

with a smile

that is convincing

every one else,

that all is good

when problems


are still

left unfelt,

the days drag

until end

of the weak week,

where she can finally

let go

and speak deep,

let her hair down

and empower

her inner freak,

losing control

of what she was steering

because she is but

meek meat