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Out Spoken

I speak and sing freely


To my own demise.

For I know not
How to translate

That which freely frolics
Around In my mind…

What I understand to be blue
Is missing the yellow
Because of your hunger
for green

is a mother f*****
over saturating
That which comprehension can’t meet or exceed…

Fine Cone Courtesy

don’t let your somewhat

pretty face


common courtesy,

because everything


goes to waste

looks are no currency,

like an ice cream

in the Arizona heat

it will melt

and if it does before I taste it, what good is it to me?,

 don’t be a cunt

my dear

you are one of the few I like

be a pal be a chum be a  homie,

if you take a shit

then you wipe your ass

don’t put my draws on

stain them up and then without washing them give them back to me, 

there’s only so much

I can’t put up with

but common sense & courtesy isnt erased

with much you are sultry & curvy