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Free Fallin’

It’s like I
Have no control
Of my feelings
And what i do.

I jump out
With no safety net
Or idea
On what the landing will do.

Some live life
Overly Calculated
With no clue.

I’m doing this
Awkward off beat
Between the two.


If you don’t
Take a chance
There’s no telling
What will come through.

For lack of a better term of phrase

Has never been
Strong suit.

If I don’t get
What I want
Right away
Then it’s on
to something new.

If not neglecting
All that I hold true.

However this time
I’m waiting
like I’ve never
Ever wanted to.

And Never
Have I ever
wanted like
I want you.

Writing rhymes & riddles
In poems
For days
Like Its THE
Only thing to do.

Hoping it grabs
Your attention
And you understand
I’m not just trying to do
What iT is that most dudes do.

I love
Your everything’s
That In which
you boast to…

It’s no wonder
Why I wonder
So much about you
During/throughout the day.

What are you doing?
How are you feeling?
Did you get your sleep?
Have you gotten home safe?

If I get
No response
I tend to worry
As If I said something,
the wrong way.

I know
I throw out too much
All at once
And words can flip
like bullets ricochet…

Is that
My subtle clue
That I should
Slowly slip away?

Since my fascinations
Could just be
An inconvenient phase.

That kick started
Soon as I was victim
To your “idgaf
about you” face.

Charm is
Often deceitful
& beauty is
Usually vain.

I’ve been too scared
To ask your spiritual views
I hold you on high to be praised…

You are no longer
Forced to
be around me,
So in essence
You’re free.

I’ll leave
My Ramblings
To “random” pictures
That register to others
As simply amusing.

Spilling my heart
Like Easy come/Easy go,
Freddie preached
To those

Build me
With Super strength
The devil drugged me
With that’s confusing.

Reach for the stars

Give it up

Give it up

Right now…

Put your hands up


With your guard on the ground…

No one has to
get hurt,
Just give me
your heart…

I’d give you mine
At the same time
But I’m afraid you had it
Right from the start…

Dead Holiday


Thoughts of a cloud
Suspicion like the wind
And Smokey mirrors
Causing illusions again,

Belonging with life
Makes death
sexier twin,

Such sadness
Is Only reminiscent
When the holidays

Hope sloths
All obese
While Logical thinking
Rubs shoulders with sin,

Cold stares
Provoke want I need
As Fear for possible loss Only entices
What I’m wanting


A lady with a conscious plan
Is such a lady
That she leaves things
To the imagination,

She has Surgical hands
Prepped & ready
While heart strings
Fight to Avoid time being wasted,

When Foundation is rock, demands
Come with a strong arm steady
That further empowers the sling
To break through all the provoking temptation.

Mystery paves like backwards bend
Making the lightest doubt feel less passionate yet more heavy
Then the regret of a fling
Fired by the others lack of dedication

Being out and about

How can you
bottle up
a moment,
Who can be
one’s own

Trying to
The Lighting moves like
The next frame
progresses the character.

Kicking it with the homies


Those closest
Ones around
Are the ones
Hardest to let go,

And until we
Can figure that out
The consequences
Will torture slow