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Rage of the Bull

I don’t like iT
How iT sits there,

Looking away
How iT
Upsets me.

I chase.
iTs always
A step ahead,

Making my blood boil
In envy.

Why are you so sure?
While my mind
Is in such
a frantic frenzy.

I have this
On my back,

That rides & kicks
Like iTs

I charge & buck
But iT clings
To the coat
Until all of my rage
is empty.

Then leaves me
All alone,
In the stable
Right where it found me.


iT’s funny
How iT

Even more hilarious
How iT

iT’s only still
For a moment,

Until faith’s fury
Fills the eyes.

Perceived limitations
Like instigation,

No longer
Has me
Wondering why.

I can only wait for
The next moment,

Since I cant live
And let die.

How iT appears


may appear closer

when held up

against the glass,

visions a bit


when your inside

is full of wrath,

others will measure

what you amount to

when hunting down

like fast math,

no matter what the signs say

the horizon is never too far away

because this too shall pass

and the rain storm, no matter how hard, never does last

Wickedness around me


It smiles
It lies
It says what it wants,
Uses you
to abuse you
Until your purpose is done,
Some are alive
To bless
Others are, not so much,
A Woman’s scorn
Is the devils Open door
To do what ever he wants…
Love shouldn’t hurt
Unless its understanding
The concept,
To many
Opportunities pass
Trying to latch on and stop it,
Truth is
What it is
Believe not in the profit from prophets,
But in the raw
That even they
Must often box with…
If it didn’t work
Well Then my dear
It wasn’t meant for you,
Please don’t hold a grudge
For you
Know not, what you do,
Don’t Fuck with
The Lords children
What do you have to prove,
The all seeing eye
Sees it all
Chill out, it’ll take care of you…
I know right now
Your mad
And want to tear shit up,
Destroying somebody’s
Finances defiantly gives you
The pull and leg up,
But may the god
You claim to praise
Calm you down with a shake up,
Forrest fires
Could of been prevented
But that’s no longer where we’re stuck..
If power, money
And position
Seems to thrive your mission,
Then please believe
Real true love
Will be what is missing,
They say If you
Can’t Stand the heat
Then Get out of the kitchen,
Because with your intentions
Mind games & chosen routes
You kicking it with the wicked


im nowhere close to holy

but id like to be IT,

the desires of my flesh

make IT hard to be defeated,

some one died for my sins

but my skin still itches till its beated,

in the materialist ideals

that society has me esteemed with..

my heart may be content

but my body thinks a bit different,

my significant other loves me

but im seduced by another’s kisses,

and I can’t seem to stop

until ive completed the mission,

of reaching the top of the mountain

then feeling sorry about it in the evening..

however what burns even worse

is a dose of my own medicine,

the one that I loved

figured revenge was way more better then,

living and letting go

getting even wasnt even a question,

being one up’d has left me

with a far worse depression..

so what else can I do

but try to fill my void with some need,

that I don’t really need

but it gives a reason to feed,

on things that mean less

but right now fits my doctor’s prescription to a T,

the 3 W’s

women wine & weed..

which doesn’t satisfy

it just leaves me with laziness,

not to sure how to get up

or if I should even bother with it,

being such a push over

was never my code of ethic,

I prefer rules & restriction

but right now im so far from dominate..

it instills in me something crazy

like a fire that spills,

across everything I touch

im shaking in chills,

running from cold to hot

vice versa yet still,

im unable to figure out

what has gotten in me to thrill,

such a … (blank pause)

I cant even say it,

I regret nothing

but I wish it was different,

if I could change the past

I wouldn’t say that i wouldnt,

but this tower that ive built

is the only thing I got left to prove IT,

but still in all of this

I cant even stop,

I consume & consume

until my body drops,

in sure exhaustion

like a unpromoted album that flopped,

I climbed to high

to just fall down never seeing the top..

im not a saint

but a sinner indeed,

with enough of a past

to keep the hopeful in me,

to never want to turn back

to how i use to be,

that why prayer is more than wishful thinking

it’s a way to just BREATHE ,

as long I keep on keepin’ on

the 7 deadly sins wont have nothing on me..