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Software Issues

I’m never at
A loss for words,

Unless I’m so consumed
And I can’t comprehend
The verbs,

That are needed
To get
my point
Across the curve.

are my feelings
For wanting
What they don’t deserve.

I digress
Ignoring the screams
That beat through my chest,

Causing outages
Leaving the mind,
Unable to rest,

Craving for her connection
Because of the rarity
That satisfies my obsessiveness.

You Break IT, You Buy IT.

not always

is the customer always right,

and if you think your checks and balances are worth the  receipt

well then you must be in dire need of a fight,

there’s some things that you

just can’t put a label on or price,

no algorithm theory

of the beauty in the spirit or what is appealing to the eyes,

can match the stains and debt you leave

when you crush, because you break, you buy!