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Self interest

highly addicted

overly medicated

mom tested & kid approved,

wearing all the template faces

reflecting off

the many moods

of all the moons,

this is different

the weeks been twisted

woe to what sexy mixed in

& to what Elohim showed through & proved,

 even though

my mind knows better

my flesh wants what is clever

and to satisfy its worldly womb,

a little to drink

a lot to smoke

taking away the powers to think

about our close approaching/appending doom,

I await with a smile and a peace sign

something pretty on my lap/raw hide

when really all that is needed is my  bible app

and patience for these wounds to soothe


Todays forecast

1st off
Let’s start out
The facts,
I’m customer service
Ending off with
The mission of the plan,
God makes it
And protects against
The damned,
it’s up to me
To not drop
What IT hands,

But today
May be a day
Gone crazy
Or perfect,
Liars & thieves
In Sheep’s clothing
Acting hella
I pray love
Hasn’t shunned me
And allows me to
Step on & stop the waves & the current,
Your at bat
And these mother fuckers
look hungry and with purpose,

I supply
Lingerie By day
And health insurance
Right after, Until the night,
I start off my day
Don’t step on my bulge
Because I don’t
want to indulge In swine,
What one can’t have
Seems to be the agenda
Everyone’s appetite,
Everyone wants to
Deal with me in shadows
Because I shine too bright
In the light,

I got fresh
Power steering
Whipping corners with a grip
Against all your attempts to make me frown,
The saint with the glory
A perv with a story
And the joy from a smile
Paint on as a clown,
I multitask With the purpose
To take full on advantage
Of every loop hole luxury
Before I blast off or drown,
I’m the best worker
You can have
Success bound who right now
Has every full intent on dicking around.

Skipping Steps

I’m not looking

both ways

i’ve noticed

i’ve been skipping steps,

doing way better

than I deserve

oh please tell me

horror isn’t next,

you reap

what you sow

 a wise man

once said,

but if i’ve been

a lazy awful bastard

is that what I’ve planting

or am I reaping from previous?

oh it’s so difficult

to figure out

I probably shouldnt

fill my head with such things,

but theres so much

that i’ve pulled away from

its hard to pull into

what I haven’t been wanting to see,

reality is reality

and thats something

that is going to be

with or without me having an alarm to ring,

is it wrong

that i’m enjoying my self

speaking loudly

while I have the ability to sing?

or should I

use every precious moment

to keep building

until I no longer breathe?

The Right Now

the right here

and right now

are blinded by

the over there

with high lifted eyebrows

of things so far away

materialistic hopes

wont seem to pipe down

where dreams

are never polluted

by thoughts of hard work

and know-how

im part of this


of gimme gimme

and right now

emotions rollings

around more than


and the nasdaq dow

it’s a bitter-sweet thing


by the sweat of own your brow

I was raised

to be a man

not a  pussy that goes meow

where you get down

and dirty

no faking or faux chow

I can be as lazy

as they come

im not holier than thou

but ive learned

i can only reap what I sow

and there’s no time like the right now

waking up

i wake

i see

after i open up my eyes,

a world i’m a little unfamiliar  with

on how i landed here

and why,

what is the purpose

of the things that

dont create life,

evil is but and expression

on whats on the inside

wrapped in lies,

because there has to be

an ending

to what started and started right,

waking up

on the wrong side of the bed

should be corrected in how i fall asleep at night

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread of it each day, and at last we cannot break it.

a time to listen to IT

ITs a jungle

and its survivor

of the fittest,

your surrounded

and every bodies


you’ve been told

a million times

but you never wanted to listen,

your lack of


has you in constant submission,

to whats inevitable

you need to

get out of the kitchen,

your making moves

that doesn fit

in your position,

adding what subtracts

now has you in the

negative of divisions,

there’s always a time to do

you need to figure out

what IT is missing?