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Beg to differ?

she doesn’t want much

but im not willing to give

what she does,

it’s all a matter of love

and where my hearts come from

a slight push automatically receives a shove,

her right hook

has never been mistook

for some kind type of hug,

she’s mistaken

what is agape

with generic physical attraction,

considering how one meets

depicts what repeats

and what isn’t at random,

 “just” is just that

and there are no promises made

when we’re “just having fun”,

what you put up with

you end up with

 oh you beg to differ? I hope you have a good run

I see More than a Twinkle

Fairy tales


all that she wants

its right there,

in her dreams

up in the air,

all she can do

is just stare,



her energy

that slight scare,

that down here

is not up there,

figuring that in due time

it will all fare well,

but until then


right now is far to far

& there’s contemplation on withering away or dare to care…

it takes much to look up

knowing that, I’m stuck down here,

that twinkling from my obstacles & moon light

provides just, enough glare,

that shines on my bruises

& strengths that most often tear,

oh how just a kiss

will cure the heaviest of moments I don’t want to share

Doesnt Take Much

it doesn’t

take much

to uplift

or ruin a day,

a simple hello

a courtesy smile

a head nod

a quick wave,

can give a blessed

 pick me up

to those who desperately need

a pick me up today,

after all don’t they say

that an apple a day

keeps the doctor away

how much more if we smile like we should pray,

so instead of

staying poopy faced

 the day can be what ever we want and decide

we have the power to MAKE,

so, hello my dear’s

before we have

an awesome week

let us have a great day,

have you


to smile