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Sour Grapes of the lonely

I’d be lying
If I said;
Tonight I’ve
Only had
One sip…

Among the many things,
That pour out
From my
Curved lips…

Can wait
With rich tastes,
As sweet as this…

Now drunk
Eager “love”,
I demand an
Aggressive kiss…

But With no one
I laugh out loud
And just,

Jar of strawberries

She sits,
And only she knows
When she
Will be done.
iT is
What iT is
But that term of phrase
Never leaves her tongue.
Deeply ingrained
It’s only the flesh
That tends to go numb.
Frozen in the moment
With conviction
That weighs
A crazy ton…
The fruit
Is ripe
And the juice
Is sweet.
Probably fermented
By what
The truth
Tends to leave.
Most don’t forgive
But forget
Since they only follow
What they see.
Brief instances,
Split second decisions,
Moments that in hind sight
Leave us weak…
Weak, she is not
Moments of weakness
We all have.
Carrying only the lessons
That we’ve collected
Throughout the dance
Of the past.
Pain is only temporary
And thanks to technology
Oh how,
The memories last.
Sit (here my dear)
And be still
For in time
This too shall pass…
She sits.
And thinks.
Paddles me closer
And tells me
to drink.
into the soul
As I take
My first sip.
Soon as
It’s all gone.
I then,
Licked my lips.

Too Many Sober decisions

She cares not,
Because hardly remembers.

Something To Hold

on duty…

on patrol…

chained up…

while every one is out, free for a stroll,

would you like it?

lets take a poll…

all is blurry

all is cold… 

I use to miss

having something to hold,

but now im held by the neck

with a metal mental fence all around my soul…

Done With Yesterday

PussyMoneyWeed (-lil wayne)

use to be


until I got pulled

over & arrested

for intoxication,

with possession

of a drug that I love

to think gave me patience,

but in reality

just dirty piss & blood

showcasing my many tastings,

to add fuel

over the fire

they made me

go to some sort of classes (they called it) counseling,

with a bunch of

crazies & junkies

I swear im nothing like them,

they want us to talk about our feelings

but only after payment

has been counted,

they ask

“hows your week been?”

“well right now im a little grouchy”..

it’s not even

that I felt lousy

just right now

I don’t wanna be,

in a room

with a bunch of f’ ups

that have tiny pieces

that remind myself of me,

still doing dumb shit

not accepting

or wanting,

to take the lesson

as a blessin’

& learn from our many spankins’,

so I sit there

every week


to them speak,

about how many classes

they have left

until they can finally chief,

with the only praise to god

being that,

at least they can drink,

& flush it out of their systems

with 72hrs & something heavy to eat..

now that my time is done

i am once again a free man,

to do all the dumb shit i want

with out piss testing into a can,

that goes to a government appointed official

tugging me along like someone leashed & damned,

which is some way kept me in check

from continueing with my sinning..

i had to do it

for the law

now i have the freedom

to do it for God,

to showcase that

even with out a leash

i wont hurry off

to piss on,

every thing

i had to go through

that cost me money

and what took so long,

freedom is a great thing

but to the conscious

its burden some..