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Yield & Proceed with caution

We only see
What we wanna see.

And only pump breaks
When red lights are flashing.

Split second decisions
May result in tragic traffic.

So Manual efforts may be required
To jump start defensive driving tactics

getting around


is one feeling

I don’t intend

on passing on,

but I can’t help

the role I play

if I’m not

floating on a cloud,

I carry heavy weight


that wont

allow me to carry on,

my god took them away

but I picked them back up

as soon as I felt



can handle this

this is only

but a kiss,

if cupid



may she miss,

I don’t know

if I’m ready

to just

up and quit,

I just


the power of my words

oh how passion stems from the lips,

my dear if you

lay lifeless

understand its just shock

in time you’ll get over this

eenie meenie

eenie meenie

Minnie moe,

catch one red-handed

and by the toe,

if they bother to make excuses

then, let them go…

Or prepare and brace

your self




an out pour is coming

🙂     (:

How many times must we go through this?

I come to you often

most times

you just ignore,

I don’t like

getting rough

but if im gentle you just absorb,

and reject any open doors

so if it’s not what you want

then I know you, you wont explore,

a closed mouth

can’t get fed

and your picky like a whore,

who’s done her time

around the blocks in the ghetto

who then moved up to the east side, near the expensive sea-shore,

now you think

that your special or something

or another,

I in love

I earnestly


that you shake off

your habits quick

because I’ve teared you down once before,

history has a way

of repeating it self

and it seems like I must, like a chore,

get your attention

in some dimension

in an allure,

blame who you truly worship

because it aint the based GOD

thats gotten you out of this once before

ready or not

iT screams

iT yells

but we don’t

wanna listen,

iTs hot

iTs sweaty

but yet we remain

enslaved in the kitchen,

we win some

lose some

some times iT hits

more than iT is missin’,

that awkward


where you realize

your on a mission…

let no delay

scare away

whats been

implanted in your heart,

whats been shaken

and stirred

is waiting for you

to drop iT like iTs hot,

to make a move

so you can do

and pave way

to the plot,

iTs going to happen

wheither we

brace our selves

ready or not


why are the signs so LOUD

how does IT feel so vivid,

my mind acts as if it’s not REAL

im soul stuck to the IMAGE,

that’s been deeply embedded by a FIRE

that I ALONE can’t extinguish,

my Van Gogh means nothing

if the ear I gave you wasnt used to HEAR with