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House of balloons

me away

Like the days of my youth

Have quickly
And effortlessly
blown away,

We are but leafs
And pollen
In the wind

With dreams
Like balloons

And something
Old & Raggedly
Making us

Idk how to stop


I don’t know how to stop
I’m sure I have brakes
But that isn’t
The case

It’s hard to say no
When you have
What you want /right there
In front of your face

it’s hard to know
When to say no
Especially if you don’t have to
bother with the chase

The coyote
Would grow fat comfortably
If the roadrunner
Always stayed in place

But here you are
Front and center
With what has no good
Other than the taste

They say
The best comes to those
With the patience
To wait

I want everything
Right then
And there
Waiting isn’t part of my game

If there’s no results
Then odious
I’d hate to say
This is but a waste

I want
Instinct satisfaction
Which has made me immune
Like used tape

I don’t even know
What I want
Open and shut case

Or is it

The E.N.D

This can be the end
Or This can be the beginning
This can be the time to sow
Or the time to reap all the winnings
Opportunities are often taken
Since they’re not always given
We can all bare our cross
Or blaze a trail with thoughtful sinning.

Now We can wear a skirt smile and play the fool
Or choose a robe that conserves for the wise
We can keep our understanding in the dark
Or bring our issues out into the ever healing light
We can stay down and away from confrontation
Or fight for the weak so that they can rise
No matter what your stance is this new year
the energy never dies

living in this Winter Wonderland

it’s a wonder how we made it

its come so very fast,

like a sled on top of the snow

of this winter wonder land,

that has left me more dazed than confused

with the spirit of the Christmas past,

hoping this whirlwind is just for the moment

id hate for this occurrence to last,

memories and current thoughts

more often than not, clash,

I muster up all the strength

the Lord has allowed me save in my stash,

of power that I devour

when I’m faced with retarded math,

that doesn’t equal up to my equations

when I’m bundled up against a wrath,

that bubbles up from all the drama

that the “holidays” often hash,

the want for things of non importance

put a tamper on what truly deserves a stab,

however we more often on then not

experiment with just a dab,

since we cling to familiar traditions

even if we’ve forgotten why they began to exist to man,

things get lost in translation when we transition

what was a reflecting of faith to what the end of the fiscal year shows that we have,

may our bless it souls allow

our eyes and hearts to see and graph,

all the beauty and truth

of this, our winter, wonderland.

Co Workers

They tip toe behind me

they lurk over my shoulder,

the things I say go over their head

so even more do their feelings for me grow colder,

the Good Book says to love my enemies

and pray that the Good Lord watches over,

but frankly (IDGAF) any one not with me is against me

no matter if we’re co workers,


it breaks my heart

that I come day in and day out to a place,

that I can’t stand to be

but it pays the bills so that’s “the brakes”,

I give it my all

yet they nit pick since that’s all that they can take,

away from my spirit

 since the everlasting is my cake,


I rubbed the wrong cunt the wrong way

and it seems all her drones followed suit,

got a hint that my over the phone voice

is a bullshit act that I use against fools,

which puts me in a tight spot

giving the others assholes a helpful boost,

in retrospect I should have been smarter

bit my lip

 never opened my mouth

never taken sides

 just nod your head

and wear a shit eating grin too

A Message From A Distance

faith placed

on a fortune

that many others

have received before,

some we’re

able to connect

with whats its saying

because it’s what we need and more,

so it doesnt

take to long

for our wants

to absorb,


from the droplet

that the faucet

always seems to let go


forever grasping


they tease,

filling me with hope

im not to sure if I need,

inspiration and dedication

add fuel to the fire, definitely,

but it always grabs on tight

and drives one to insanity,

I don’t want to, want

what I can’t have, it stings,

 and everything that I have had

only leaves behind memories,

which one would argue

its better to have had than never have had anything,

but society asking what do you have to show

is what seems the most everlasting,

light and darkness

is what im forever grasping