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to what choice

and greed

has taken me away from,

humble beginnings

of barefoot


on rough,


that has allowed me

to appreciate

a soft touch,

and in

that essence

it makes everything

“never enough”,

for having to

wait so long

I feel some sort of


not accurately


for every cause

and where iT is spent,

being blessed


yet not wanting

to pay rent,

ignoring what others are due

further postponing the dew

that I long for

from  every touching my lips,


walk freely

my everything however

remains suspended

A stroll with the one that you love

You end up with

what you put up with,

why wouldn’t you be happy

if your other fits like a mitt,

probably even more so

if they’re small enough to fit inside of your pocket?

what we enjoy and embrace

should never be scary to admit,

we should show them off like the sun

and not try to conceal it like a zit,

out loud and proud


I think I’m the good guy

looking for the culprit,

or I can be the bad guy

with a niche looking to knit,

all preconceived notions

that I keep deep inside chambers that remain unlit,

I want to say so much

but my half-wit mind wont permit my lips,

I look at the image above

and just think are these just Classic Misfits?

or with all the recent cannibalism

finally hitting the zombie apocalypse,

either way its crazy

and I don’t think its a skit…

How eye see

The way eye see

is rather strange

technology advances

but some methods hardly change

in order of importance

more than often rearrange

how eye look at big picture

settling for the wallet size in exchange

oh how our differences


How iT appears


may appear closer

when held up

against the glass,

visions a bit


when your inside

is full of wrath,

others will measure

what you amount to

when hunting down

like fast math,

no matter what the signs say

the horizon is never too far away

because this too shall pass

and the rain storm, no matter how hard, never does last

Just Go With iT

so stubborn


stuck in



one doesn’t take

time out of the day

to truly



if there’s

another way

promise / believe


then repeat,

but how

are you going to know

if you


cant even see?

they say


is for sleepers

and that very well

may be,

but once you wake up

 and that vision

is still burning

are you willing

to pay the fee,




and then

try again,

practice makes perfect


if we’re

writing iT

with pen,

 there’s no such thing

as typos

just improv


 just go with iT.

forever grasping


they tease,

filling me with hope

im not to sure if I need,

inspiration and dedication

add fuel to the fire, definitely,

but it always grabs on tight

and drives one to insanity,

I don’t want to, want

what I can’t have, it stings,

 and everything that I have had

only leaves behind memories,

which one would argue

its better to have had than never have had anything,

but society asking what do you have to show

is what seems the most everlasting,

light and darkness

is what im forever grasping

ready or not

iT screams

iT yells

but we don’t

wanna listen,

iTs hot

iTs sweaty

but yet we remain

enslaved in the kitchen,

we win some

lose some

some times iT hits

more than iT is missin’,

that awkward


where you realize

your on a mission…

let no delay

scare away

whats been

implanted in your heart,

whats been shaken

and stirred

is waiting for you

to drop iT like iTs hot,

to make a move

so you can do

and pave way

to the plot,

iTs going to happen

wheither we

brace our selves

ready or not