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Best Buy

All I want is your hand
Hoping we can feel
Each others pulse.

Hopefully our
Magnets can zing
And you’ll need nothing else.

I haven’t much to give
Other than love,
Some would say its the greatest wealth.

Assuming we’re on
the same currency
I can quit making a fool of myself.

iN Passion iGo

its cold

out side

I want to be

in the warm,

I want to be

of love

where our souls

can take form,

grab ahold

of each other

choke to death

and not let go,

a bad romance

in a trance

forever going with

the flow,

I want the fights

the tears

the make up

the “after” glow,

the not being able

to live

without the other

I want the whole show,

God has blessed me with choices

& The devil saw iT fit

to tempt me with

detours with quicker roads,

so I take

what I can get

because iN passion



more than that


authentic the really real,


to be able to show my colors

and let the other

know exactly how I feel,

I’m tired

of being in character

so that I don’t hurt my self

with things that I feel,

My passion

has driven me blind

where the “Go”

has no substance to its appeal,

no push to the kart

what is passion

if not the push

with the flamboyant zeal,

all my excitement

in the world

holds nothing


to Love

because Love

is not of IT

its of the spirit its REAL,

everything else

is but the motions

and I’m learning

how to deal

Have fun with IT

give’em a little bit of power

and see what they do with IT,

shower them with kisses

and see how quickly it takes for them to spit,

venom on their webs

as accidentally as premeditated gets,

its so sad how true to life

the flock of feathers sticks to the prototype of bitch,

one must be in full on character

to swallow pride and experiment,

give someone your entire world

see if they trash or they recycle IT,

are lessons learned best used to teach how to avoid

or how to get even with?

i still need more information

so for now lets just have fun with IT


there no doubt

in the past


because it’s already come to pass,

things were chosen

over others

some with favor

some with bitterness, very crass,


are hurdled


stumbled upon paths,

some encounters

handled with elegance

some less than

showing class,

 not all people

are human

they either want to love

or run away after they smash,

not considering

the victims

that are left

once they’ve had,

their fill

leaving the other


well, that’s just too bad,

you’re a product

of your environment


of your past,

a product

is only recognized

by their quality

price or brand,



became after

was no longer an obligation just a throw away task,

what the product


was no long worth

the calculation in math,

what she

was left with

were the broken pieces

from the aftermath,

chasing pavement

like a payment


to out weigh her sad,

some products

can cost a pretty penny


if the supply makes the demands

a princes kiss

one mans trash

is another mans


she’s been used up once

so being used again

is just ‘whatever’,

the domino effect

continues on and on

until the hello,

of THE prince with a kiss

and a promise

to recognize the treasure,




the chains,

that have

wrapped against

her tightly

restraining her wings,


stretching out

and flying

with the dreams,

that some one

could actually

love her

and not see her as a ‘thing’