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To those who hear

Should never be
Focused on,
But life’s been screaming
“F*** You!”
And I’ve been singing along…
God I know & trust
But the devils argument
Is very very strong.
I don’t even want to live
When my frame of thinking
Is this wrong!


One can’t
Help them selves
Deeply inside They’re missing something,
Blowing out of proportion
Or literally
Turning something
Out of nothing…
The imagination
Is Grand
But an out right lie
Is oh so wretched,
If you see
That someone’s happy
Without you
Don’t take it as a challenge & be tempted…
He say she say
Makes it hard
To determine
Which side is true,
What upsets me Even more
Is that I cut out all but one tie
And from this one tie I hear
That you mention me constantly & out the blue,
Don’t do that
Don’t be that person
Our one tie loves me
And I swear I can’t stand you,
The past
Is full of many mistakes
You can’t erase it
But move on to something new!