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she doesn’t care

she just wants to break free,

no longer looking at her self

crying constantly comparing,

to others-her want

is never fleeting,

there are far too many options & things

for someone to be,

the essence of your self

isn’t quite as unique as you thought it to be,

looking for love in this club

that others simply go for mating,

being out and about at 2am

isn’t going to find you that love your forever seeking,

being of this world

is similar to a cat stuck in a tree,

may the servants of your God

hurry up and beam thee,




farther than the eye can see,

keep your arms wide open

and never cease from praying.


Something to hold for the moment

The clothes

don’t make the man

the man

makes the clothes,

from the highest him self

this woman was perfectly fitted

in a league

all of her own,

with a smile that gets me dizzy

and curves

like I’ve never

seen before,

how her body

contains it all

must be a God blessing

and it shows,

like a lace up corset

it hooks your eyes from the back

 lacing up the sides of your mind

oh how her light skin can hold,

such majestic

causing temptation

with the simple scent

of many a rose,

I’m smitten

and she’s bitten

on to the concept

that I’ve sold,

I product placed

then replaced

what I truly was

unworthy to hold,

she figures me out

undresses her self

and tells me that

my confession was bold,

soon after we embraced

 face to face

and from that point

she couldn’t let go,

her shape

I crave

so I then engrave

my soul into her mold,

she accepts

with blissful breathes

that I now

have to go…

Something To Hold

on duty…

on patrol…

chained up…

while every one is out, free for a stroll,

would you like it?

lets take a poll…

all is blurry

all is cold… 

I use to miss

having something to hold,

but now im held by the neck

with a metal mental fence all around my soul…

Doesnt Take Much

it doesn’t

take much

to uplift

or ruin a day,

a simple hello

a courtesy smile

a head nod

a quick wave,

can give a blessed

 pick me up

to those who desperately need

a pick me up today,

after all don’t they say

that an apple a day

keeps the doctor away

how much more if we smile like we should pray,

so instead of

staying poopy faced

 the day can be what ever we want and decide

we have the power to MAKE,

so, hello my dear’s

before we have

an awesome week

let us have a great day,

have you


to smile


Dont leave pt2

who’s fault is it?

im not pointing fingers,

the past is the past

and i wont let it linger,

until you tell me

that you “did your own thing”,

my thoughts are “hell nah!!!”

“how could you go out hoeing?”,

im not going to believe it

i wont even try,

lord knows your “get backs”

are when you lie,

but, if its true

im going to have to add,

murder to my list of sins

and i wont feel bad,

because one thing

i cant stand


letting another man,

take or touch

what ive already declared as my land,

im my anger i yell

to “get the fuck off”

& “step the fuck back”,

now im at an unease

and im starting to understand,

my mind is bubbling with thoughts

like “how you could you do this to me?”

im feeling like a chick

with all these “feelings”,

so finally i get

that I’ve been a jerk

and all

that you’ve been



Bottoms Up

I don’t know what side is up

since a lot of things are going down,

things are getting so bad

only material things can wow,

even that is only for a moment

attention deficit is high off the ground,

and running toward a direction

science doesn’t to want to stop spreading around…

it makes too much money

and too much money is never enough,

to fill a void that’s in fillable

that’s why we update every 6 months,

keeping our mind from whats important

political conspiracies & other cover ups…

so we live for a brand

& get berried with a label,

people are offended by the talk of God

& television with out satellite or cable,

priorities so off the tracks

we are just like cattle without a proper stable,

walking where ever big brother/Sheppard takes us

& eating whatever we think we want on the table

i wish you could see what i could see

im a little afraid

that what I see

isn’t real,

and the real

that I do see

doesn’t nearly appeal,

to those around me

that I care for

it leaves me in seas of tears,

Me Soul

On a different page

don’t let the devil steal

that which

is really yours,

love shouldnt

go away or absorb,

into the bullshit

that we all consider to be the norm,

the things in which we think we need

come in many different forms,

neither of IT is love

if we need some more not to feel torn