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Her, quiet distance

I’m soul curious,
As to
What’s go’in on
Up there?

I can only imagine
The view.

I climb
And I climb,

But the clouds
I wish to lay on,
Shift deeper
Into the queue.

I’ve figured out
A couple patterns,

But regardless
What’s down
In the valley,
Is all controlled
By you.

You may be swayed
Wherever the roads
Are paved,
But you follow
What you find as true.

My only worry is,
It takes a while
To walk those steps,

I’d hate to see
Where your mind
If your heart
Is askew.

In the land
Of black & white,

The emphasis
Of the sigh

Is but a

(Further more)

The warmest color
is blue.

You Break IT, You Buy IT.

not always

is the customer always right,

and if you think your checks and balances are worth the  receipt

well then you must be in dire need of a fight,

there’s some things that you

just can’t put a label on or price,

no algorithm theory

of the beauty in the spirit or what is appealing to the eyes,

can match the stains and debt you leave

when you crush, because you break, you buy!

beast in repeat

sometimes I can feel

the mark on me

I don’t want the beast

especially when I realize

the beast is me,

our true nature is bad

even though we were made,

from a different image

so why are the characters we play portrayed a different way,

so nonchalant

 like one shouldnt strike when the irons hot

the should not forced the could not

into something it would not,

dare to want to keep

yet here we are just like the sheep,

that follow right into the trend

selling the sex of the little bo beep,

supply & demand

be damned throughout the land



How does one attack?

you do IT in plain sight…

truly your worst enemy

will be under your nose the whole time…

IT will surpass one of your weaknesses

hidden inside of one of your likes…

and before you realize IT


your done for the night…

ITs our responsiblity

but you can’t prevent

some elses


iLove caffeine/coffee

and a buzz

but Fuck IT moments

call for no want for protection…

 you think

you’re in control

but the devil knows

how to rock you in suspension..

let’s go with

the wind

lets not get caught up

in reflection…

we only live once

tonight is your night

let’s do this for all the other nights

we decided to play nice,

I wanna

be naughty

I don’t want to

think twice,

lets just


but IT will fuck you

like darkness in the night

BadDream AlarmClock

I get lost

in my dreams

not knowing

where their going

or where

im suppose to be,

I just


down the whole

deeper &


into sleep,



where to go

back UP

to take a second

to just breathe,

but the ocean

of this realm

keeps me




of what I


im thinking


getting confusion

in imagining,

is this

the real

is this fake


just the blur

of the seams,


nothing upon nothing

its like


of what it seems,

I wake



on my sides then


to my


snooze button




no no no

NO please,

This is

Thee Alarm Clock

of a very-very




ill wait

as she


on my bed,


sit back

away from her instead,

not wanting to get lost

in the sexy

that she has spread,

I admire her

and enjoy

the crazy thoughts in my head,


if I told her

a gentleman I couldn’t have been..

so I


not to say,

the things

that I worry

I shouldnt ever say,

even though


stupid shit any way,


maybe I

shouldnt stay,

in this hesitation



it’s really stuffy

and things move

at a slow pace…

in honesty


don’t know

what to do,

I don’t want

to go in

and look

like a fool,

but then again

I don’t want time to pass

and me

never make a move,


if she’s testing me

when she refers to other dudes…

shes close

because she trust me

and that’s something

I don’t want to lose,

am I

rendered helpless

lost in the

BFF blues,

she is

in my house

and knows what

iLike to do,


being tested

tempted to bend shit

when I got to stay true.

remaining faithful

to the oath


a gentleman,


too much is given

much is tested

and that’s where I should stand,

often times


with my

thing in my hands,

getting a grip

of the things

I should

allow to pass,

not holding

trust as hostage


crazy demands.

so like

a ninja

I patiently


never  to pounce

for attack

but to pounce

when I lean on a not so strong trait,


gain honor

and maybe

earn my way,

to something

stronger spiritually

something along

the lines/brought to you by fait.

which is


in this

generation of NOW,

where you

get what you can get

and not worry

about the HOW,

from material


to the relationships

we keep homeward bound,

I’ll just wait

if that means

that it’ll astound

and get a WOW!!! 


some one help me

im stuck

and i cant get up ,

phat man down

red alert

please RUN,

every thing is cool

when we’re all

having fun,

but when is IT enough

and when

is IT too much?

i seem

to forget me limits

oh how fun reminders are,

no matter how close


a LOUD “duh” isn’t very far,

ive been through this before

deja vu

is the main star,

in this re-run that keeps on playing

in the consiousness

of my heart…

hello familiar friend

it seems

we meet again,

not because i missed you

but because

i played pretend,

lie-ing to my self

was fucked from jump street

until the end,

they say you cant bull shit

a bullshitter/but

some how i did & spent..

the AWE of my time

starring at

the summers SUN,

which bright light

compared to the twilight

gave no/any reason to stop the run,

of investing something worth investing

in a cash cow

thats never really/finally done,

maybe one more for the road

what would it hurt

if i just had another crumb


there IT is

. . .

im stuck