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Sin oR spend the night alone

To thy own self be true-

(Oh) the night (woe) the dAy. 
It’s exactly who I’ve been lying too-

Bless it be the purgatory of fait. 
Waiting for something new-

Without paving any new way. 
The ignorant, fucked & crude-

Don’t mind the time or if it’s too late. 
The biggest truth-

Holiday BuZZ


I want far too much,

Even after

Being told

That one should never covet.

If the material

Is what fuels,

Surely that inspiration

Should stand for something.

Uninspired i lay,

Knowing I need

To stand,

Or at the very least

Say something.

I think the high

Is coming down,

But I’m still numb,

Feeling nothing.