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Unfollow & friend

When I speak
Of good,
It pushes
Those away…
But when I bring light
To that which is bad
All come, laugh
And play…
We’re ass
Full of hate…
Which only
Lets me know
We’re in
Our end of days…



Isn’t she?

The princess
Called me by hand
I came,
so we could flee…

Off to a place
Where it can be
Just me & her

Get along

Until others
Start gawking
And I’m left

Getting my Feathers
And Wings
Are suddenly


When truth is un vailed
And reality
Starts revealing

More then expected
How alluring
Is she

A little birdie told me

news sure does

travel fast

especially when its juicy

even more when its something slightly tilted/exaggerated & bad,

“did you hear about what so and so did?”

“oh yeah, I heard she was mad”,

a lie is more appealing to the heart of the  eye

so of course embellishment is going to enrich it just a tad,

like a snowball effect down a mountain

it gets even bigger every go around like a reoccurring fad,

so once the news hits them over the head

how can one keep self-contained and not get a little mad?

 “word on the tweet is you had a crazy weekend”

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to all my exes still stuck on my sweetness

If you can take a Richard then you can take a joke, my dear quit being such a pessimistic fag 





there’s something I don’t want to, but I need to say…

I’ve been stuck

on you

in a very berry-bananna/pinapple-cherry

sort of way,

something like

all my favorite fruity flavors

blended in

and im slowly sipping away,

I’m not a Facebook troll

but my mouse

oh (Lord) how it scrolls

all the live long day,

going through out

your photos and your main time line page

wanting to “like” everything

that the digital you,  lays…

me not wanting

to cling too munch

pushes that thought

right out the way…

No one is too shy

to call you beautiful

so flattery

is just way too gay,

but oh my Deity how your every pose


and puts a caption on my heart

in a very strong way…

My Dear, you Damn near

make me choke

on my own coffee

burning my tongue,

wishing the difference

between you &  I

weren’t so many and close between

like a tickle in my throat escalating to my lung,

having an effect

on my speech

making a man with nerves of steel

feel very nervous & high-strung,

knowing I can’t entice you

with dedication

and promises of strength


oh how you rung

my bell

and I want you

to keep on ringing,

what this hunch back

of notre dame

has been training for

and waiting,

damsel of the tower

leap off

I have my arms


for saving,

but that


you don’t seem

to be waiving…

so what

on earth

can I do



makes references

in a very

dorky way,

and spill out

my obession

in a nursery rhyme

poem format sort of way,

I guess

nothing much

but say


a note to a not so secret silent stalker

she wants to see

whats going on

for some reason

im a subject of interest,

never before have I gotten

so much of her attention

it must be because she’s either bored

or because my presence as of lately has been missing,

social networks

are the playground (sand box)

for acquaintances of yester year

to get around the tension,

that they chose

to ignore (such a selfish whore)

or refuse

to make amends with,

I can’t lie

I stepped away as well

from confrontation

just like they did,

it’s just that right now

more than ever

has reconnecting (reconciliation)

become such a temptation,

to interact with

feet that teeter tater’d/pitter patter’d

all over my back

while my heart remains in the air suspended,

im probably thinking

too much into it/ahead then

what my hard head

can keep up with/ continue  comprehending