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Open Letter: the first step

Decisions shouldn’t take
forever and a day
to make.

for that of which
Has a clear expiration date.

It’s either you do
Or you don’t.

There’s no thin line
Between love and hate.

If one gives you
all of their heart
How long
do you expect them to wait?

With wide open arms,
Clear conscious
a smiling face.

Half the battle
is not knowing
If the heavy yoke
Is worth the weight.

That takes
& drags you
down a road
That you wouldn’t
normally take.

Kindness for weakness
Making a fatal mistake.

A show & pony facade
Done only to lighten up
The plate.

That’s over saturated
In non nutritious fat
Like food served at a Buffett.

Taking in only what you see
As if the truth
Was up for display.

Life takes a bit
To settle in
And you can’t really force fait.

But do what you
Need to do
Just know that it’s getting late.

Shit or get off the pot
Before you lose
Feeling In your legs.

Holiday Recap


& what you call happyTimes,
The SadToSee
Is the queue
Of WhatYouBelieve
& that Is whatYouFind…

One can’t be
Too mad
Because We speak All
Into Existence,
Especially In the hard times
Where the present
Happens like split second decisions
It is instant…

If All love
Is forgiven
And parting
Is such a sweet sorrow,
Then damned is the secret hug
Exciting is the Sin
Is the regret for anticipating tomorrow…