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How iT appears


may appear closer

when held up

against the glass,

visions a bit


when your inside

is full of wrath,

others will measure

what you amount to

when hunting down

like fast math,

no matter what the signs say

the horizon is never too far away

because this too shall pass

and the rain storm, no matter how hard, never does last

Almost there


We’re almost there
We’ve almost made iT through,
On our last lap
We can give iT our all, or just cruise,
Whats beyond the horizon
I don’t know, but iTs due,
I have my ideas
But I don’t know, if iTs true,
Karma may thank me or spank me
Fear lies in the truth,
Ive been honest in my intent
Speaking through a crooked smile, Not having to chip a tooth,
that’s why I’m eager for the new year
Hoping iT brings something new,
I’ve gone in too many circles
To want to stay in the loop,
I want to go over and beyond
And pray my guardians come too,
Please God, give me more angels than demons
As I recline on the roof,
Of the towers you have placed me in
There isn’t too much room,
Hell or Heaven
The thought brings a noose,
Hope for a better tomorrow
Please come through

low tide

something tells me

don’t do it

I cant help it

I say screw it,

throwing my hands

out in the air

seems like a starting point

move it or lose it,

at first I

just dip my feet,

then I get

my self into too deep,

to fast to soon

jumped the broom,

now i’m not too sure

if im awake or asleep,

what right now seems like

is a dream world,

in the fetal position

in a ball curled,

I cant really tell

im not sure,

if im out in the fields

get’em soldier,

now in the

front lines standing,

my curiosity

all the more expanding,

I can play pretend

telling you everything is dandy,

but my blood flows and hormones

have me thinking randy,

which makes it

partly reason I smile wide,

you can tell what im thinking

without asking why,

I have firm belief

why blow my high,

turns out I was just asleep

and what woke me was the low ride