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For lack of a better term of phrase

Has never been
Strong suit.

If I don’t get
What I want
Right away
Then it’s on
to something new.

If not neglecting
All that I hold true.

However this time
I’m waiting
like I’ve never
Ever wanted to.

And Never
Have I ever
wanted like
I want you.

Writing rhymes & riddles
In poems
For days
Like Its THE
Only thing to do.

Hoping it grabs
Your attention
And you understand
I’m not just trying to do
What iT is that most dudes do.

I love
Your everything’s
That In which
you boast to…

It’s no wonder
Why I wonder
So much about you
During/throughout the day.

What are you doing?
How are you feeling?
Did you get your sleep?
Have you gotten home safe?

If I get
No response
I tend to worry
As If I said something,
the wrong way.

I know
I throw out too much
All at once
And words can flip
like bullets ricochet…

Is that
My subtle clue
That I should
Slowly slip away?

Since my fascinations
Could just be
An inconvenient phase.

That kick started
Soon as I was victim
To your “idgaf
about you” face.

Charm is
Often deceitful
& beauty is
Usually vain.

I’ve been too scared
To ask your spiritual views
I hold you on high to be praised…

You are no longer
Forced to
be around me,
So in essence
You’re free.

I’ll leave
My Ramblings
To “random” pictures
That register to others
As simply amusing.

Spilling my heart
Like Easy come/Easy go,
Freddie preached
To those

Build me
With Super strength
The devil drugged me
With that’s confusing.

True to Thy Self

Can I be honest?

I felt like I havent done that completely,

The person that you know

isn’t necessarily that clingy,

it’s a defence mechanism used to be the good guy

so that the other person is the asshole for leaving,

truthfully I do in my core, love with all of me

but I’m not at the point right now, of settling,

I’ve gone to CostCo noticed the many things

and will not stop until I’ve tasted everything worth sampling,

Such is the case with a killer

I had hoped was going to be the death of me,

and out of “sheare randomness” she reached out

so what’d I do, I acted like “me”,

She’d ask what I’ve been up to

I’d speak of searching for love, knowing damn well that’ll push her away from me,

I want to be a respectful gentleman

and not like the passionate poet that tends to speak more abrasively,

I want her to be aware her that I can & will fulfill her in a way she hasn’t

completing her, by only using one part of me,

However I later figured that would too foward

but then I contemplate “what if” maybe that is what is needed to get the end result of “we”,

if only for a moment, since that’s all we have

where not really promised too many things,

the devil doesnt trick you into sin

with more than a few warning signs & give the luxury of bracing,

the greatest cooking is paced slowly but surely,

one should know the basics & respect what is worthy,

but we live in modern times which means there’s no order in which what can be on going with glory,

there’s an algorithm to life but calculating is sometimes boring,

my Dear Killer Cha if & when  you read this, this is fair warning,

If & when we engage you will be put to blissful agony that will make your desire’ss greed portly

I’ve come about things all wrong and if this is what it is to push you away then that’s what I get for not being 100 & snoring,

I want to go deeper

and explain how I want to be used,

but I don’t want to be too revealing

and give away too many clues,

on my home remedies, with movies & wine

and other methods of killing the blues,

I’m sure with your beauty

this isn’t surprising or of any news,

Be true to thy self

and indulge in what you’re wanting to.

Light shade of vixen

With a smile
That says so much
Without telling you
Enough at all

Leaving much room
To assume
Without wanting to
Commit to the fall

sin would seem okay
If her heart
Delighted in it
At all

still victim
To her shade of skin
being put Up against a wall

She knows it
So she works it
And I’m not mad
At her at all

The Lord blessed her with
This beauty
That the devils uses
As a Rag doll

Bringing all those
Drawn in
To fight the temptation
And the fog

Of what you see
On the outside
And the inside
Since its hardly noticed at all..

You Cant Stop My SHiNE pt3

they say if this don’t work

well then its on to the next

but how about if what you have

really takes away your breath

I wouldnt wanna miss a moment

and I wouldnt wanna miss a step

if you’ve never felt like that

then you must have quit to quick






but hoe not me

ive found something

that makes me wanna dance

that makes me wanna preach

it makes me wanna yell

it makes me wanna sing

to tell every one that I know

hey HOE come with me (to safety)

if that aint your cup of tea

well then I guess “I guess so”

if you wanna be stuck onto stupid

well then like THAT 70’s show, your Kelso

I guess we’ll see who’s right

when mothership

comes back for her people

I just don’t want it be too late

because we will be divide

but it wont be

as equals

You Cant Stop My ShiNE pt2

ive done my things

ive done my dirt

& yes they have scar’d

yes they have hurt

but I cant let that be

reason to continue being a jerk

I have to shake IT off

& dust off my self

do what I can

with the cards that im dealt

look towards the sky

far away from my self

hoping I can stop “that”

from happening to anybody else

I cant stop the feelings

that seem to others soul appealing

I just hope I can spark

at least a little bit of peeling,

from the onions of your heart

that makes your eyes water & cry & fall apart

soul you realize every bad thing

just keeps you lost in control of the dark

You Cant Stop My SHiNE

they say GOD is Love

and Hating is Satan

that must be the reason

why ive seen IT alot lately,

everytime i do something

there you are so equick to give some negative talk

how about you give me an encourging smile

and i dont mean when your trying to mock

im trying hard to stand tall

and put some extra pep into my walk

how about some and you can come skip with me

instead of trying to take me to places in my mind that are dark,

if that is where you ARE

then this is where i’ll BE

dont for a second think i dont understand

be gone devil “dueces” “peace”

even though the things you say sound plausible

the good word said youd try to trick me

fuck your candy pedo-bear

if i leave i know youll follow me

hold on tight

because im going way higher

commercials dont mean a damn thing to me

the world is a manipulating liar

im going to walk this tight rope

without a wire over the fire

Yahweh said i might trip but it wouldnt burn as long as i remain a ryder!