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Team Cray Cray

I don’t know why

I do

The things
that I do…

An age old question

I should be

Of having

I’ve been told

I lack
common sense
May have a
screws loose…

I don’t want to believe

But after so long

Of using

The same

I’ve come
to the

That I really know not
The things
that I

Surprise hides not
When I see
the outcome
Of my imagination
In an empty room….

With desert like
And a thirst
That senses water
Going through
This shiny

I mean only
In the truth….

Waiting on Forever


It’s been a year
Since you’ve gone
But I’ve still
Got you on,
My mind
Is that so wrong,
Your scent
Is really that strong,
That I
Can’t carry on,
Without you
So i keep your song,
On the very tip
Of my tongue,
Where words come
And exit from,
so often
That it goes numb,
Your memory
Makes me feel dumb,
Because i’m holding onto
What is no fun,
Further crushing
What is already crumbs,
Torturing like smoke to my lungs,
Adding to a sum,
That makes me
More of,
That bastard
Son Of a cunt,
Yes i know My humor
Is treturous,
But I know you’d get it
And that’s all I’d want…

By The Time

By the time

you have

all your ducks

in a row,

will you be

able to keep up

with how fast

the paddles then row,

can the stream

on a string

be enough

to satisfy the hold,

that you’ve been

clinging on to

from the days of your youth

now that your old,


is the word

we think when we reminisce

of how we’ve conformed,

stuck to our guns

but the ammo collected

hasnt grown

with the mold,

that the summer heat


but the winter

brings the cold,

that can either

freeze us on our tracks

or add a retail value

to our soul,


when you’re in water

and fly

when you have the wings to sour,


hold back

embrace your curiosity


inspiration revisited

oh me

oh my


your such a cunt,

as soon as I

forgot about you

with my daily day-to-day

you hit me with an upper cut,

I havent seen you

in a long minute

you were never one

for saying much,

I don’t know

if you’re wanting to

actually help me move forward

or just get me all riled up

like a bad 80’s song


its upside down...

you have me stuck on a feeling

right now is, what is right now to know

I couldn’t begin to tell you how many futures iSee

because every one of them is already old


what goes a long way


goes a long way

as does


when one is really

feeling themselves

others might see you

as a hot mess,

trying to ride

& find the lines

are what can cause confusion

& mad stress,

don’t bite more

then you can chew

or iron

what has already been fine pressed,

just cause

you can fly

doesn’t mean

you should leave the nest,

just cause you use

irish springs

doesn’t mean

zestfully fresh,

just cause

you have style

doesn’t mean

you can rock that vest made out of mesh,

the moment

you press your luck

will be the moment

you flunk the test,

so please

stay humble

and quit acting

like stink fumes

don’t come out

of your shit