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In Search Of



*i use to


with out a reason

or a clue,

*now i search

just because

its something

to do.

-As if i had

a moment

to my self

to think & breathe,

-i seek

to feed,

the notion

of need,


there is none

stuck in between,

a “Do Nothing Bitch”

& the one who enables the greed..


no one to talk


as selfish as SIN,

*with the willingness

to fix

but none such eagerness

to begin.

-i cant

make decisions

for others..

*I’m hardly content

with the decisions

I’ve made for my self…

-i just pray

for love

to bless

every lover..

*and hope

they’re not only

concerned about the eyes watching

which is only for themselves…


not so vain


is difficult to be,

there is so many angles

that one can perceive,

on one side this is this

and on the other that can be,

very further & farther from the truth

yet we take what we see,

satisfy our sweet tooth

and let the sugar bleed,

over our throats

out from between the teeth,

wants satisfy what is of the moment

and what we think we need,

food for thought an after thought

what is given is considered as an option or something ment to be,

if something is hungry

does it default it as something deserving to feed?

if my blood can provide

should I be the one to leak,

how much do I give

if they wont stop milking from the teet,

one can use the hand to swat away

or further embrace the teething,

its odd one could be

soul thoughtful and giving,

when others wont do the same

evil meek and lame will not speak,

although fueling others

just the same I am weak,

I need I need I need

but my God wont let IT be…

Power of Nancy

There is no

denying the truth

and sometimes depending on perception

can make that next move uncouth

we think things into existence

so before you chicken out and fly/leave the coupe

know that the car goes where you steer

and in the end you do what you want to do

if it doesn’t do any good

then what does it really prove

negative nancy doesn’t leave what she fancies

so she remains unable to break her glue

The E.N.D

This can be the end
Or This can be the beginning
This can be the time to sow
Or the time to reap all the winnings
Opportunities are often taken
Since they’re not always given
We can all bare our cross
Or blaze a trail with thoughtful sinning.

Now We can wear a skirt smile and play the fool
Or choose a robe that conserves for the wise
We can keep our understanding in the dark
Or bring our issues out into the ever healing light
We can stay down and away from confrontation
Or fight for the weak so that they can rise
No matter what your stance is this new year
the energy never dies

we cant stop to smell the flowers when routine has us dragging ass

today is the first day

of the rest of our lives,

but soley if today

we choose to cut the ties,

of what often holds us down

covered and drenched in lies,

unnoticed if unspoken

please open your eyes wide,

the worst of us is normally

what we try to hide,

which doesn’t last very long

if we swallow enough pride,

our digestive systems give out

like the wind pushing sails and strong tides,

searching forever for more

on something special to find,

but that can’t keep our attention at bay

until we figure out how to make time,

but time who has it any way

when we’re too busy and in a rush to die….

darn my style of thinking

there’s far too much pressure

when pressure isnt applied at all,

is this a test

is this a quiz

or am I having to battle

through what lies between the fog,

of what you are wanting to show

and what I am needing to see and log,

I can only write down so many notes

until it gets lost in the jog,

in the juggle in the hustle

of the mountains that move

and leaves that rustle,

wrestling against my self

with my own stress seems to always bubble,

other things that have no thing

to do with anything but trouble,

my mind so ready to place a bet

and my soul is preparing for thunder

The Bad GoodGuy

A new day A new week

which would mean

a fresh & new start,

if one can’t be anyone that they’re not

does that mean

that they couldn’t/shouldnt ever stop?

if some one who’s very bad

were to suddenly do good

but it wasnt in their heart,

would they be judged

by their actions (which is good in what others would want)

or would they be judged

by what their inner thoughts, thought?