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Sour Grapes of the lonely

I’d be lying
If I said;
Tonight I’ve
Only had
One sip…

Among the many things,
That pour out
From my
Curved lips…

Can wait
With rich tastes,
As sweet as this…

Now drunk
Eager “love”,
I demand an
Aggressive kiss…

But With no one
I laugh out loud
And just,

Holiday BuZZ


I want far too much,

Even after

Being told

That one should never covet.

If the material

Is what fuels,

Surely that inspiration

Should stand for something.

Uninspired i lay,

Knowing I need

To stand,

Or at the very least

Say something.

I think the high

Is coming down,

But I’m still numb,

Feeling nothing.

You can almost taste it

We’re off to the races.
Where it’s all
Tempting & chasing.
No time to catch breathe
is wasting,
The burn that the carrot
At the end
Of the railing,

How iT appears


may appear closer

when held up

against the glass,

visions a bit


when your inside

is full of wrath,

others will measure

what you amount to

when hunting down

like fast math,

no matter what the signs say

the horizon is never too far away

because this too shall pass

and the rain storm, no matter how hard, never does last

one thing i dont like

if there’s one thing that I don’t like

its having to wait,

I want what I want when I want it

anticipation creates way too much weight,

for me to have to carry, im already weary

please clear away my conscience slate,

time gives too much room for second thinking

and like asparagus I don’t want that on my plate


iT wanders

and iT gropes

where ever iT can

iT will surely go

what ever iT can touch

iT will thrust full throttle

the fingers of my mind

irritate more than pills that are way too big to swallow

attacking nothing but still waters

im already aware that are shallow

yet iT doesn’t care

 forever do those fingers wander


I search

and I search

for something

of my past,

that brought me

great joy

that brought me

many laughs,

others who have

had iT

threw iT away

really fast,

as soon as

something newer

was within

their grasp..

iTs a big

harder for me

since I consider my self

some what of a collector,

of things

I once or twice got rid of

just to see if I can

once again find the nectar,

the fruit the joy the juice

the thing

that things give

energy & inspiration to lecture,

some may call iT

making the same mistakes

I like to call iT

perfecting my hypothesis structure

{note to reader: one of my many fascination

that turns into full-blown out obsessions

whether I can afford it or not

has been trying to find old super Nintendo video games,

more specifically Super Mario games.

there’s quite a hefty price tag on these old things.

I remember people couldn’t even give them away,

and now they can sell more than what its new-generation counter parts  go for.

supply and demand is a mother fucker,

especially with a new generation of gamers

wanting to go “retro” like it’s the thing to do.

I don’t mind styles being brought back, but that’s because I don’t keep up with that,

don’t you dare mess with what I hold dear (they didn’t listen. lol).

In reality I can just download the games from the internet

but it just wouldn’t have the same feeling I had when I was younger,

the frustration of dust getting into the cartridge not being able to play

to the feeling of being able to sit in front of the tv in comfort of not being hunched over the computer.

I enjoy searching places to see if I can find a deal, even though gases prices (my budget) don’t agree with that. 

I don’t like buying things online, but that’s what it looks like I might have to do.

Unless someone reading this can bless me with something that’s just taking up space. }