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Freaks & Geeks

I never liked
All That

can be canned

And buried
In the weight of the fat

That the little lamb

Backed up to the back

Where the legions of wounds
And undertones
Sway in the facts

Hating labels
And intentionally
Little Pats
on the back

Know nothing
Other than

the ego
found in our flesh traps

Specifically designed
To cause reasons
To react

I love
So much
I apply
A little more than a dab

Science meets definition
While Catching me
In the middle of the explanation/act

I Feel A lil’Freddie

with the simplest touch

im on stage

feeling the rush

blood flowing

to my head

then the body’s going numb

which is nothing much

then a  sign

that im

on my way going up

and there’s nothing that

anything else can give, to make anything else enough

to be equal to because no equivalence

can never ever match up

to an amazing grace

that can only come from up above

that good that pure

that holy stuff