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Picking flowers

She loves me
She loves me not,

She at the very least
Has to Find me

But there
in which
Stands boldly
the caveat.

Too much
Of a good thing

And when nervous
I tend to do that
a whole lot.

is the name
of the game,

Making a scene of chess
Out of lovers
Who are too afraid
Of the “love me not”‘s

How eye see

The way eye see

is rather strange

technology advances

but some methods hardly change

in order of importance

more than often rearrange

how eye look at big picture

settling for the wallet size in exchange

oh how our differences


tea spoons make for needs soon

I can’t give you what you need

if that isn’t what you want,

so instead of feeding you compliments

I have to you starve you with some taunts,

figure if I push you to the left

you’ll want to go to right with your thoughts,

so instead of sketching out a straight line

I’ll just draw you in with a couple of dots,

leaving the proper amount of bread crumbs

to hopefully bring you back to the top,

of the hill where Jack and Jill

once  climbed only making their problems seem like a mountain,

just to fetch a pail of some fresh water

from this mythical magical  fountain,

that appeared to be the cure-all to cure-all

but by their unbelief they had fallen,

too much of what they needed

was at the disposal of what they never wanted…