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In Search Of



*i use to


with out a reason

or a clue,

*now i search

just because

its something

to do.

-As if i had

a moment

to my self

to think & breathe,

-i seek

to feed,

the notion

of need,


there is none

stuck in between,

a “Do Nothing Bitch”

& the one who enables the greed..


no one to talk


as selfish as SIN,

*with the willingness

to fix

but none such eagerness

to begin.

-i cant

make decisions

for others..

*I’m hardly content

with the decisions

I’ve made for my self…

-i just pray

for love

to bless

every lover..

*and hope

they’re not only

concerned about the eyes watching

which is only for themselves…


Hell hath no fury


hath no fury

like hearts don’t bleed

when they get torn,

does gobs of honey

on anything

not call out the bees

in massive swarms,

if you kill

my love

in vengeance

will I not of sworn?

to destroy


that you


does greed

not want

when there is

just a little bit more?


how much more

when there is

no more?


a thin line

from a curious scratch

to a premeditated reason to explore,

step over

the boundaries

and like the bull

you’ll get the horns,


is a beast

and that  bear skin rug

is ironically worn

If looks could kill

Why waste

any time

call a circle a circle

and a free spirit a whore,

this going around

and round in circles

its tedious

and really such a bore,

we all want to get

to the fun part

why beat around the bush

with what seems like a chore,

that in which has been

set in the stone in the past

so lets chisel out the option

of an “or”,

cut straight

to the chase

the chase

brings nothing more,

then a couple

how do ya do’s

that mean nothing

to the score,

are you aiming

for longevity

or simply scratching the itch

of curiosity so that you can now explore,

the deeper findings

of a silver lining

no strings all benefits

how can you ignore,

the request

of such a blunt beauty

who promises

nothing more,

than a good time

pre or post corona & lime

 full of enough motion

to keep one away from a snore,

if looks could kill

she’d fit the bill

she’s a man-eater

my cherie amour

shes cares in her own special way

never afraid, to compliment

just not the type, to compensate

for harsh words that would other wise, make me contemplate

if what she is saying is completely honest and just filled, with a whole lot  of hate

or if shes telling a bold face lie ,with a stronger choice of words by mistake

either way, i digress

biting my tongue, as i beat my chest

with my closed fist to give my ‘woe’ groan, some sort of rest

she has to be out of her mind and this, is just a test

is what i tell my self to simmer down, as if to somehow, to confess

all i did, was give a hug and say ‘hello, how do you do’

very quick to push me a way and put up what im sure 

wasnt the ring finger screaming ‘hello how are you’

i try to contain my self and not show case, the disrespectfulness im being put through

she’s being a fierce female dog with exposing her fiery feline, but what else is new

from the corner of her eyes, she glances and gives me a dirty look

i know who you were talking to, last night on Facebook

i chuckled inside and thought to my self, so that’s all that it took?

for you to turn against me, just because of someone you don’t like? my head shook

you need to let go of that mentality and enjoy our short moments together, okay

you my little sister and i love you, the one i dedicate my self to, each day

but as i walked into my room i see my favorite belongings torn to shreds, it appears im too late

baby sister declared her feelings, all over these four walls, in her very own special way