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Her skin as sweet
As heavens kisses
Her tormented Soul
as Black as night

And for some reason
Beyond my understanding
It’s not my battle
but I want the fight.

I’m un accepting of her
Belonging to another
So If my going about it is wrong
Then allow my heart
to set things right

grasping hands
In the darkness
Allowed me to feel
That there is something more
Her touch shines life…

With a longing for something to hold
the feeling she gives me
Is something brash
It’s something cold

Feeling her sting
creating a mold
I want her to bite
So that I may lay lifeless & bold

Like Burning the candle
at both ends
I realize the mistakes
As i stand here alone

Staring at the eyes
That mark my death
I am in her crutches
Gone in twilights hypnotizing zone.

On or Off Target

outside of death

hunger knows no bounds

underneath the heavens

there is no limit,

until you reach an outter space

where your worth

your weight in gravity

and time measures your distance,

 dog eats dog

jealousy fuels

and hard headedness

is appreciated by the ignorant,

 IT is

what you make IT

you can say you did

but IT wont do you any good if you really didn’t,

you can never

change your past

just steer in a clearer direction

and hope the future has something different,

they say you can’t

b.s. a b.s’er


if the other one is fluent,

I would sit here

and go tit for tat

but unfortunately

I’m not that patient,

maybe it’s because

I’m pressed for time

and I have yet

to hit my objective,

It may be

my a.d.h.d.

or the scent of someone else approaching my hydrant

that makes me possessive,

but the Lord knows

my heart would be

with no flame or desire

if there wasnt competition for my obsession

Eyes on Target

There’s so much
That needs to be done
And I’m not to sure
How far along we are,
Made a couple
Choice moves
That moved the bar
Away From mars,
Just A little bit
From what the funk
To how bizarre,
Reloading is needed
How about
You handle that
While I stay on the tar-….