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Winters withdraw

My Shepard
Built me
for abuse,
It turns out
That I was meant
to be used.

So I in turn
Can hurt
With the hopes
That let the blind
In their youth.

Is fragile
At first,
After trust
Mingled with truth.

is & use to be,
With psychological
Ways to soothe.

Here & Now

If you’re here

It isn’t
By mistake.


Get what you want.
The bullshitting
Doesn’t fertilize
For theories sake.

In the end
You’re right on time
Or rearrange.

Cash Inn Country

Like most love tales
It started
at a bar,

I was reentering
While She was busy outside
talking shit to the stars,

I walked in my date
And ran out To see
The Lone Queen,
With the scars…

That she kept
Well hid
But i am one who can see
Behind the walls,

Ready with her dukes up
I came at her
with a little bit of a charge,

Confessing feelings
While she
Laughed it all off
But I’m pretty damn sure
Entertained the thought,

Conversation furthered
So we went inside to
mingle with a couple
Other broads,

A Vibing energy
growing attraction
The more that we talk..

Both a little sloppy
But we’re saying exactly
What it is
That we want.

In octaves,
All for the name
Of love…

I can see
This lady full of life
Tries so hard,

Her physical needs
To make up
For the emotional

I was right behind her
Like I wanted to
Pay for the charge

But fast times
And Current events
Left her skirting off,

Oh woe
Is love
Stumbling outside
Of the bar….

Devil In a New Dress…Tip toeing not so siliently…

she arrived in all white


stealing the room of all eyes

they would follow she…

who is questioned of being an attention whore

well possibly…

but in honesty

her modesty

was never ever a question

however when questioned

she would laugh it off


You can see the devil in her eyes

and quite frankly


 frightened me…

because this wicked woman

can do whatever with whom ever she wants

and like the 8 ball in the close left corner pocket

she has gotten me…

with my guard and pants down

while on top of  my lap like a saddle she is riding me…

similar to flies to shit & bees to honey

hoes to money

with want & have

 there is no, stopping me…


would take the full strength of Christ

to push this bountiful beauty of flesh

up off of me…

Lord may your will be done

because my will is having fun

and right now my legs can not run

so please pardon me…

Heal me of my weakness

that sin has seemed to clog up like an artery…


I am more than just fond of thee,

but this little thing

that is fondling…

has a gorilla grip

damn that dress

& all other things

that has taken over me not so silently

On the fence

in this modern-day

of technology

recognition can be,


 as loud as a tag

as discrete as someone

speaking metaphorically..


to be of courage

and a spiritual lover

apparently now

is so outdated,

we can’t stand for the unknown

we want only right now

and we will make a fit

as if we never have waited…


things are so instant

entitlements are self approved,

a kinky text at midnight

is considered todays candle light dinner for two…


there’s so many things

that people get a way with,

does love not deserve to be faithful

or is okay for understandings to be played with?



I’m hanging out

on the side of the  fence,

I’ve been hurt before

and I’ve guarded my heart

every chance that I get…


Am I denying my self-love?

I don’t know, its possible…

But I’d rather have a gun pulled out in front of my eyes

then be shot with a blind fold…

my high

ive been on this high

IT last as long as im on IT

but as soon as im off

IT feels like ive lost IT,

i gotta have you all the time

because IT simply can’t stop

the longest ive gone without IT is two days

but just one with no contact makes my heart drop

ITs funny how im so busy

i pray to be left alone

and the moment that IT happens

i cant stand to think/ my mind is gone

i need attention

so i can give IT

with out IT

i have no vision….

(soul) i see with what i feel

but right now i cant touch the walls

so im patting & im brushing

but this feeling isn’t coming off

goodness gracious

please don’t let me

come down,

i can feel

a head rush

and everything is spiraling down,

almost worried that im wrong

but im too consumed by how it feels right

like a moth to the flame im craving all the spot light

until gut checked & humbled & all i can do is embrace stage fright

my selfish ness

ignores my consciousness

all so my sloppy flesh

can be getting my high 

hurry up


i don’t want to sound crazy

i fear that IT does,

but we need to push the gas

and hurry the FAITH up,

what we put up with

we end up with

& it’s already

hard enough,

trying to decode what you’re saying

while figuring out the signs

that are building up your bluff,

 this year is coming to an end

and we’ve already made amends

i didn’t like playing pretend

i want you to roll with, hurry up

because im going UP