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The Couple With Two Left Feet

How I long to know,

Where these things

Have brought you from. ..

its simply

to understand


i swear,

It’s not

to judge…

The reasons why you’re here

acting so nonchalant

And why you speak

In such nimble tongues…

Leaves me curious

As to how it


My def heart.

And turns my brain


such mush…

I’m a man of strength

Who loves

to exercise


Then we engage,

And it seems like

I have little

to neither of both…

I wonder to my self,

Am I ever suppose to

Love like this?

I see no good thing,

In ever being so weak…

Then I realize

You could be a judge

Meant to cut me off

Because I stood too tall

spoke too bold

Oh so very proud

When on the tippy toes

of my feet…

Have the hearts

That I’ve broken

Form together Reincarnated,

Forcing me to taste

Such bitter defeat…?

If that’s the case

Slay me now

Or tell me when will I

Be able to love

And have an other

Feel iT for me


Or am I

To wonder around

In circles

Until my ways

Are chiseled


In purity?…

There isn’t

Any rest for the wicked,

And I suppose

That’s why we’re both

Still dancing….

Duo tone

With eyes
Full of pride
And a heart
Full of ache,
Ears tired
Of the lies
And a tolerance
Sick of the pain,
That the wise
Think they hide
And the mannequins
Attempt to fake,
In her strength
She will ride
Every super natural
And cosmic wave,
No matter how wide
A yawn is still a sigh
Oh how close we resemble
The path that they’ve paved,
Issues put off to the side
Grow & tower like high tide
Increasing the volume in tremble
That no mere man is able to save,
The thought
Reaches my eyes
And I’m unable
To contain,
The tears
That reprise
My previous
Emotional state.
I want
What I consider mine
And hope that it becomes fait,
That breaks me out
Of what is shy
Rushes me into the needed
And finally takes me away.

Excuse Me, Pardon Me

I must admit


has never been

my strongest suite,

and because of that

ill never quit

what drives me is

the hot pursuit,

of something that

is in my way

I could give less than two squirts of a shhh

If I want then I’ll want and then I’ll show and I’ll prove,

to be the victor

seeing the bigger picture

a friend I am not

of any obstacle,

maybe going

a little bit beyond

what was necessary

but I can’t help it im either nothing or extraordinary

when I’m next to the impossible,

…(split second pause for breathe)…


at full charge

can I get an Amen

or at least a #Woo

Still Soul Thirsty

iT pants


iT pants




quenches  thirst?

one tries

to make

minor changes

but iT


only makes things



when giving others


but iT drains


like a drink on its last slurp,

is this that


to the yin

of being gifted

with a curse,

is not

the medic

service intended

to heal


to nurse?

to give a slap

across the ass


to get out there

and work,

your faith

has made you


so go on


show off

your worth,

like gills

that have gone


breathing iT

makes iT




that completes

giving an understanding

beyond a simple soft serve,

woe to how hard iT is

when the body is full

and iTs only

your soul



Lets Try This Again

my eyes they hurt

my heart it aches

as I face down towards the dirt

I feel so ashamed

what I did didn’t work

my soul couldn’t be tamed

its inflamed bouncing off the walls going berserk

until she calls, forgiving my name

I no longer feel like a jerk

the tears down my cheeks make me feel meek and lame

however together again, maybe we can make this work

of course things can’t be exactly the same

but we wont know until it hurts

Lets Try This Again? 

If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missle.

If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missile.
Lynda Barry


im not a player

and I don’t crush a lot,

but I have had the luck

of being at the right place in the right spot,

with the right light shining out

and a swagger that just, didn’t wanna stop,

got what I wanted

and left as soon as it was that time on the watchtower/wrist clock,

I always felt guilty

that there was nothing left to keep me

interested since all the mystery

was gone out the window once ones legs swung above & bodies laid beneath me,

I always aimed to please

that’s why I figured we broke even,

both parties left satisfied

because we quenched the thirst from all the teasing..

but woe

i have just been

a victim

to the old switcheroo,

i settled in the thought

of sticking around

since it was frowned upon

to not stick it through,

i figured

id be the good guy

and try to make IT

something more than just something to do,

her body was easy

to figure out

so why not

look like a king at what i do,

but she tells me

i have a boyfriend

but we can

hang out on the weekends,

 if that’s cool?