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Kerri me home

Carry me home
& Take me away…

What’s good
Is just that.
But all that isn’t
Leaves me to prey,

Some thing else
even If I don’t have
the energy for iT
the next day.

The heart still hurts
The scars still show,
& I really
Don’t wanna stay.

I guess I should
what I have to
An not let this
Keep me a slave.

Say goodbye
& wave
New day…

Seven times a woman: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

If I don’t judge you,
Then don’t don’t judge me.

Which is a little difficult,
Since I automatically
label everything
that I see.

There’s always
a motive at hand,
& Lord save the damned
Oh woe for those that can’t see .

The Media and followers
Have burned the image,
Of lust being
the save all
like its something that’s fat free.

Making it apparent
That love is a pointless
obstacle, as a glutton filled waste of a calorie!

Which is sad
Because that’s what
these hoes breathe.

Injecting and digesting
False pretenses
& endlessly
mixed feelings.

Do you call something by its name,
when you see thats it’s disguised?

Is that a heads up to be discreet?