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Side swiped at the perfect time

People Hate

What They (can’t have and)




is happening

with or without you

so to fait, what is your primary plan?

you may think

your playing poker

and the main hazard here

is not, to not let any one else see your hand,

 this is chess

with carefully calculated steps

properly matched and set

 to meet and get their demands,

so clap your hands

and wish evil’s

just will

goes away,

like a domino effect

touching every single thing

that slips in/ falls out or that gets

in or around its way,

all that slander

and all those lies

strictly and only for you self satisfies

leaving little to be happy about when I am given the “bad news of the day”,

so clouded in my self

I hardly had

any feeling

left to feel,

when the enemy

that’s been on my tail

sees her window

and complains to those that also see its appeal,

I’m threatening

because their bullshitting

does little to scare me or make me submit to the

kiss ass and wait in line sort of parade,

I answer to those who ask

so if ever given a task

and those in which are thirsty and ask

for water and flask,

in which case I have

do I shew them away?

 and say for those comments/that answer/this water

this company (my employer)

does not pay for me to relay?

heavens no

I pour until I can’t no more

and if in conversation we both agree

that we are all in the final end of days,

why should you be offended

if what we’re grieving over

isn’t in your interest

if it isn’t within your grasp

then this subject matter

is not for you, at least not today!

not everything

is meant for you

or against all of you

who happen to think and feel

the same way,

let the dead

Barrie the dead

the blind

lead the blind

and you your self

can go on and about

your own merry way!

I’m not soliciting

or trying to make commission

some one has a dollar

I have 4 quarters

and they have a feeling

I’m carrying change,

do I ignore whats been left at my door

my response is

I have nothing more

what I’ve been given

and what you’re asking for

I give freely

because it’s what ive been given

to gave,

my god has

set me in my path

forgiven my awful past

and set me in my ways,

I was side swiped

at the perfect time

because at this time

I wasnt going to move

until the building came down

in flames,

so now

by no other choice

I move away,

oh how



(this is the first installment

of a week-long series

of how people

who can’t grasp the situation

they only caught

a fraction of a piece of

can jump to conclusions

further building

an excerpt catalog

that led to my termination

from a company that

is supposed to help

those that are less fortunate

down and out

on their luck

know them selves

what is needed

but wanting confirmation

who am I to deny

what is placed in my heart

not by choice?)

///my termination letter will be uploaded at the end of the week

to show case and better illistrate the up coming poems ///

Carry You

our moments never last

but your impressions do,

i can still taste your pull

even after our time together is through,

i dont know what IT is

that you do,

but your where i wanna be

however im driving so i’ll carry you

You Cant Stop My ShiNE pt2

ive done my things

ive done my dirt

& yes they have scar’d

yes they have hurt

but I cant let that be

reason to continue being a jerk

I have to shake IT off

& dust off my self

do what I can

with the cards that im dealt

look towards the sky

far away from my self

hoping I can stop “that”

from happening to anybody else

I cant stop the feelings

that seem to others soul appealing

I just hope I can spark

at least a little bit of peeling,

from the onions of your heart

that makes your eyes water & cry & fall apart

soul you realize every bad thing

just keeps you lost in control of the dark

like whoa

my love is like woe

in which what keeps me up

also brings me down,

guilty thoughts of not being faithful

100 & 10%

all the way down & around..



oh/woe my love how I miss you

so much

its brings me tears,

the ones ive been holding back

is pouring out for all of the years,

that have come in & out between us

like total utter strangers,

taking us to places

that we know only equals danger,

but love drunkenness

here we go,

not knowing how to run

or how to take it slow,

you gotta be all in

and just go for broke,

to much of not enough

has me sighing

like whoa…..

dont go

you say

you don’t want me to go,

yet here you are

giving me bull shit galore,


trying to explore,

new ways to hurt me

and like a dummy here i go,

sitting tight

I don’t want this any more,

so why do I

allow your demeanor,

to cause dents

in what is my strong hold,

do you want

for me

to explode?…

in a way isn’t that why

I allow for your hits,

to rick-a-shay & hit

im so use to this,

what you think are your bullets

to me isn’t shit,

that is why

im able to put up with it

it’s a trick…

I really must

let you know,

what you think does damage

doesn’t any more,

my facial expressions

are strictly just for show,

my ha-ha’s

are disguised in my woe’s,

in a place of opposites

where you really don’t know,

in my twisted mind

I want so I don’t go,

where else can I break

what really isn’t broke

the only place

where it’s all insiders

and jokes

(dont go)…