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Egg shells & broken glass

There’s a
For every action,

A rhyme
For every reason
Purpose behind
The damage,

And A desire
For way more
When your
And not just

Oh my
How I fancy
But you’re
Further than
The moon
at noon,

My heart
Is melting
Faster than
Plastic under the
AZ sun in June,

I’m not allowed
To communicate
With you
So there isn’t really much
That I’m able to do…

Other than
Admire from afar,

Leaving me desperate
With my hearts doors open/ajar,

Which can be a little scary
When your alone in the dark,

I can see it in your eyes
A shine of a guilty spark

You want to take my hand
And stroll with me at the park

However the boyfriend
Wouldn’t like it
So I keep my eyes
On the stars

The egg shells are nothing compared
To The glass I’m walking on
Oh how the wanting
It smarts…

Sit & Wait

I sit

and I wait,


is sure to come.

I’ve noticed never when I want it

no matter how fast I run,

towards it

I absorb hits

still leaving me with none,

of the excitement

fear ignites with,


you’re no fun