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Wants Melt

I don’t take
Very well.

It’s either
You love me
Or you
Can go to hell.

Like the creator
Above me

And all
Ones left with
Are the conviction
In them selves…

All I wanted was her heart
She wore
like a belt.

Kill time
Her flesh
She gave to someone else.

The angels
Would Tend to cry
Her demons
Couldn’t stand the smell.

The blood
Of something Greater
Would more times than not
Fiercely Compel.

Creating a cycle
That would reflect
The flaming fires
Of hell.

Only to look back
And wish
For a stronger will
In my self.

Oh Archie

I fight my self
On the daily.

Some would say
That I’m a bit crazy.

Aren’t we all?
Just a Lil bit

Ah, those were the days
When I didn’t
But those memories
Are a bit foggy and hazy.

My arch nemesis
Is the ache in my heart
Because sometimes that dictates
My rhythm & patience.