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is this what i think IT is?

they say our eyes

are the windows

of the soul,

so when we cry

our insides

couldn’t hold back any more,

i try too hard to suppress IT

but i no longer

can control,

all the emotions

that i’m feeling

so please, please, don’t,

poke any fun

say anything

or ignore,

im not to sure

what i want

theres just confusion galore,

theres a couple of theories

i have yet tried

to explore,

all i know is

what ever i do

i do IT hardcore,

from scratching the surface

to blowing the hinges

off of the door,

i huff and i puff

until i suddenly

hit the floor…

with a blink

a snap

a pop,

im shooting

up to the sky

a million miles per hour and i cant stop,

the velocity that i’m gaining

is putting my heart

in a knot,

an endless journey

that keeps ON going

please hurry and reach the top,

don’t look down – don’t look down

oops i did

my stomach flopped,

i cant steer any longer

lord please keep me steady

and don’t let me drop,

all the power that i have

i’ve put

inside this box,

it may not look very big

but i assure you

IT’s a LOT,

IT’s my attention

my dedication

and connection of dots,

i’m hoping that you like IT

because IT’s everything

i got…

kinda- sorta

maybe sometimes

my personality will change,

into another character

i keep real close to me

at bay,

to jump INN

when the goings going

and the tough goes insane,

the same LIGHT is in focus

but i’m trying

a different aim,

i’m not of this WORLD

and i get bored

of the doing the same,

things that every one else

is getting a kick from

to me its lame,

you say your real honest

but i see you playing

the same game,

you think your really good

but we aren’t even

on the same lane,

my LOVE is freeway

that goes

where ever which way,

i’m trying to break your shell

but it seems like your not ready

to jump off of the train,

the past is the reason

and the past

is whats to blame,

so please looking into my soul

and tell me

you feel the same,

because if you dont

then we need not

and should not remain,

but if IT’s love

then we can

do the Damn Thang…