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Oh She

She Is
That I need

As I’m
In the weeds

Her anklet
Signs of peace

That I can’t help
But follow
On my knees.

Oh, she….

Duo tone

With eyes
Full of pride
And a heart
Full of ache,
Ears tired
Of the lies
And a tolerance
Sick of the pain,
That the wise
Think they hide
And the mannequins
Attempt to fake,
In her strength
She will ride
Every super natural
And cosmic wave,
No matter how wide
A yawn is still a sigh
Oh how close we resemble
The path that they’ve paved,
Issues put off to the side
Grow & tower like high tide
Increasing the volume in tremble
That no mere man is able to save,
The thought
Reaches my eyes
And I’m unable
To contain,
The tears
That reprise
My previous
Emotional state.
I want
What I consider mine
And hope that it becomes fait,
That breaks me out
Of what is shy
Rushes me into the needed
And finally takes me away.

The All Seeing Death

I can’t lie

 I’ve accepted,

The madness

That slowly incepted,

 There’s so much

 That I don’t wanna stress it,

So I unwrap


and injected,

 All the poisons

I thought

Would replenish,

 All my


 Whip ins,

Hurting so bad

I Won’t stop

Till it finish,


To a terrorist


 I’m so many man

And I need

 me A witness,

 O lord

There’s about to be

Some killings,

I can smell

the sweat

From the thick of the tension,

Here I am


 in suspension…

a voice says


ain’t your fight

Carry on,

To the


Of the


Bring all your


 This is going to be a


Knifes need

to pierce quick

 Best sharpen up

your swords,

A bible

for a shield

And the weapon

is the word,

What is your

 bare fist

Going to do

against a swarm?,

 of Ice cold hearts

that Stand strong


the warm,


Turn up The heat


need to be torn,

Against actions

 that laid back

With our oaths

that were sworn,

We need

a re-doing

Weve done been

Re born,

Because what we’ve been

stuck in


Cleaning up the source,


 only fueling

And causing

more & more,


From the pure

 that’s already

been torn,

And what about

the child

That we’ve

already bore?,

It’s far

too late

For the simple

 to ignore,

 It’s either

do it right now


 mother fucker hit the floor…

She Finds A Way

always independent

so very capable on her own

she’s been through hell and back

you can tell it in her attitude, when its shows

now a little slower to anger than before

these trying times showcase how she’s grown

her elegance is defined

in her posture and in her tone,

she’s too beautiful and full of energy

to be all by herself alone

a queen without a king

she sits in her throne

missing something unmistakable

she runs through not-so-lady-like-hoes all the more,

after just a little bit of wine

and a whole lot of time to think

she makes the decisions

that her mind wouldn’t normally allow to sink

she closes in with a hug

but then pushes away with her feet

leading me to brush along her legs

and take control of the thing

that’s so obviously in between us, unspoken

what am I to think

I have a feeling im being chosen

but then she starts to sing

a song speaking of a love

that’s so beautiful it’s too hard to believe

im telling her that its real

she sighs, “it’s a myth or an older generations rarity”

I want to grab her and kiss her

but I don’t think she’s ment for me

God brought us together for either a miracle

or my own personal tragedy,

not being to sure which one is which

I let the moment pass away

she sits back from our oneness

as if to say “here I wait”

I know patience isn’t the virtue

that she processes as her forte

I have a feeling what I wanted so strongly in the past

is either an illusion or to little to late

one plays a pawn to the other

while both think to them selves “check mate” 

time and distance have always been

an obsticle, it always comes into play

but against all THE odds

she always finds a way

back into my presence

were we re start what to me seems like a fairy tale conspiracy game

which whether or not is true

I love her in my heart is all the same

deep into my soul

she finds a way