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Beg to differ?

she doesn’t want much

but im not willing to give

what she does,

it’s all a matter of love

and where my hearts come from

a slight push automatically receives a shove,

her right hook

has never been mistook

for some kind type of hug,

she’s mistaken

what is agape

with generic physical attraction,

considering how one meets

depicts what repeats

and what isn’t at random,

 “just” is just that

and there are no promises made

when we’re “just having fun”,

what you put up with

you end up with

 oh you beg to differ? I hope you have a good run

something on top

it’s happening

right now

it hasn’t let go.

from the start

of my day

till the end

of the show.

fingers cover

my mind

heart beats

going slow.

 im trying

 to keep up

then it

tightens up more.

 i love it

i do

please don’t

let go.

 stay with me

 always show

me were

it is to go.

 point me

and guide me

i promise

to follow.

 i cant

be scared

because with you

my blood flows.

 *when your fingers

wrap around my mind

 I’m stuck in awe

I’m lost in time

 *if i dare

move then

im back

 at blind,



just don’t

 feel right,

*i clench up

 I’m about

to come

i don’t want this to stop

just let this river run

*all around

 my body

 this must

 be love

 i should have

left a trail

were i can get

back on from