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the reeling

Where have you been?

I’ve been here…

I don’t believe you…

Its been a year…

Since I’ve seen you?

Since you’ve been here…

At this location?

In your souls atmosphere…

Are you talking about feelings?

The spirit, my dear…

Why have you left me?

I’ve been right here…

How come I couldn’t see/feel you?

It’s because YOU didn’t want to COME near…

Dont touch the RED button

I touched the red button

the one

every one told me

not to press,

thinking I could

get away

like ever other time

it was pressed,


has its way

of showing you

it’s not a test,

making sure

your always reminded

without a moments notice


a time to rest, ,

no body else

pushed me here

no body else

but I,

so I

have not a reason

to be screaming/yelling/crying

towards the sky,

it was my own


my own


that stood idly by blind,

I guess we all

make wrong turns

so that

we then 

can try to guide,

all the others


have yet


a chance

to fly,

it’s either

grow some wings


the worst


to die,

it’s either


from the others

or from your own

set of eyes…

the things

that we hear

and continue

on to hear,

go on & on

through one ear

and straight out

the other ear,

it could be said



and crystal clear,

but unless we see it

right in front

then it might as well

come from the rear, ,

pain & sadness

can accumulate


in time,

especially if invested

on the negativity

down the line,

what ever else

that shakes

and stumbles

can be picked up

just fine,


we pay attention

to the smiles lost

in all the grime,

I know im trying

to have fun

in these dark

moments of mine,

like having to

bite the bullet

on the things that

have been tried,

truth is necessary

in this thick smog

of pathological lies,

better not

press the RED button

the next time

the button shines.