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Behind the smoke

I lied
through my teeth

As your lies poured
Out Through your cheeks.

“Caught up”
Was only
A fraction
Of the entire
Dis functional story

Holes in the evidence
And Hoes for the lack
Of a better word
Are chose for you and for me.

Say that we loved
Each other
But did we

I had pains
From missing you
But that could of been
The hunger and need for you

You cried
For me
Clinging on
With furious force
Always Making a scene.

We must of been
Both blowing smoke
Because I couldn’t tell
What was a “front”
And what came out
In honesty
Since it was so frequently,

We hated each other
For being different
In personality

Oh how similar we were
Behind the scenes
Pssh… Monogamy


Smoother you I will,
Deeper and deeper.
I need you
To Not move.
As i carve into
Your body
And thrill,
Every inch
Pulsating with power
I drill,
Into you heart
Out through your soul
Love you
I will.

The not so easy


Rough around
The edges
Makes being selfish
All the more tempting,
I love you’s losing
All of its meaning
“mm hmm’s” and “uh huh’s”
All the more cryptic,
Arguments that break out
Never settle down
If & when they do
Its Solely for your benefit,
What upsets me
Is that you use sex
As the medicine,
Which at the time
I have no room
Or no reason to go the other way
Like an arnold-Benedict,
I love to talk ish
You know words are my weapons
So in honestly
Why even trip?…
I do things
For the love
And say shit
For the humor,
I have so much Built up
It all pours out
I apologize
If it sounds rude to ya…
You say
I talk too much
And that you can’t
Stand me,
I want to be around
Who want to be
Around me,
When we get intimate
It’s the best
But that’s not a strong enough reason
To sacrifice us as a “we”,
We can’t expect
Something to grow
If we can’t even
Plant a pure seed,
And in the end
We both deserve
This is not what we need,
I don’t want to be
The bad guy
I’m forever hinting
For you To break up me,
So All the more
Do I say things
And never is it
to be Mean…
You either
Don’t get it
Or you just
Don’t want to let go,
Love is to be tender
And what we have
is getting harder
to hold,
I can use
All the soft words
But it’s just spoil
And turn into mold,
Keep calm
And carry on
The future has
Something better in store,
Now please

True to Thy Self

Can I be honest?

I felt like I havent done that completely,

The person that you know

isn’t necessarily that clingy,

it’s a defence mechanism used to be the good guy

so that the other person is the asshole for leaving,

truthfully I do in my core, love with all of me

but I’m not at the point right now, of settling,

I’ve gone to CostCo noticed the many things

and will not stop until I’ve tasted everything worth sampling,

Such is the case with a killer

I had hoped was going to be the death of me,

and out of “sheare randomness” she reached out

so what’d I do, I acted like “me”,

She’d ask what I’ve been up to

I’d speak of searching for love, knowing damn well that’ll push her away from me,

I want to be a respectful gentleman

and not like the passionate poet that tends to speak more abrasively,

I want her to be aware her that I can & will fulfill her in a way she hasn’t

completing her, by only using one part of me,

However I later figured that would too foward

but then I contemplate “what if” maybe that is what is needed to get the end result of “we”,

if only for a moment, since that’s all we have

where not really promised too many things,

the devil doesnt trick you into sin

with more than a few warning signs & give the luxury of bracing,

the greatest cooking is paced slowly but surely,

one should know the basics & respect what is worthy,

but we live in modern times which means there’s no order in which what can be on going with glory,

there’s an algorithm to life but calculating is sometimes boring,

my Dear Killer Cha if & when  you read this, this is fair warning,

If & when we engage you will be put to blissful agony that will make your desire’ss greed portly

I’ve come about things all wrong and if this is what it is to push you away then that’s what I get for not being 100 & snoring,

I want to go deeper

and explain how I want to be used,

but I don’t want to be too revealing

and give away too many clues,

on my home remedies, with movies & wine

and other methods of killing the blues,

I’m sure with your beauty

this isn’t surprising or of any news,

Be true to thy self

and indulge in what you’re wanting to.

hide in the creep

we see the end

of the week

our hopes come out

disconnected we

go a million different places

wanting to be part of the

party that apparently

is being celebrated by everybody

the mushrooms has them seeing stars

and they’re going tunnel deep

hiding adult themes

into childish things

that we

better not speak

of or we will see

a deeper underlining

that will only creep

iN Passion iGo

its cold

out side

I want to be

in the warm,

I want to be

of love

where our souls

can take form,

grab ahold

of each other

choke to death

and not let go,

a bad romance

in a trance

forever going with

the flow,

I want the fights

the tears

the make up

the “after” glow,

the not being able

to live

without the other

I want the whole show,

God has blessed me with choices

& The devil saw iT fit

to tempt me with

detours with quicker roads,

so I take

what I can get

because iN passion



more than that


authentic the really real,


to be able to show my colors

and let the other

know exactly how I feel,

I’m tired

of being in character

so that I don’t hurt my self

with things that I feel,

My passion

has driven me blind

where the “Go”

has no substance to its appeal,

no push to the kart

what is passion

if not the push

with the flamboyant zeal,

all my excitement

in the world

holds nothing


to Love

because Love

is not of IT

its of the spirit its REAL,

everything else

is but the motions

and I’m learning

how to deal

opposites attract

I don’t

get it

I really don’t


how one

can make “love”

to someone who

doesn’t comprehend,


twist and turns


supply and demand,

two different

walks of life

one glorious beast

with two backs,

it’s of lust

so inside

im aware

that its bad,

but this a

new demon

that I’ve never

ever battled with,

I’ve never been

so deep

so lost

so intimate,

the soul

off to the side

waiting for me

to take a  stand,

to get up and leave

but this feeling

has control of me

it wrapped around the neck,

starting with kisses there

then down

to the


then the digging 

of her claws

leaving scratches

on my back,

me lifting

tossing her

rag doll esq

she wants fight she gives a slap,

only enticing me

do go even deeper

to make her

lose wind/gasp,

she likes it

she loves it

im told not to stop

because she’s about to climax,

my god

my temptress

oh my

how opposites attract