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we are we are (pretend)

we are

our greatest enemy

we are

our very best friend,

we arent the glue

that keeps us together


we are

the chemical that makes it come un done at the end,

unless we look deep inside us

and then way beyond us

can we finally come to

something that will mend,

this twisted metal

heavy foot on top of the gas foot medal

borderline “oh no he’s okay, but he might be mental”

mask we use to blend away and play pretend

Todays forecast

1st off
Let’s start out
The facts,
I’m customer service
Ending off with
The mission of the plan,
God makes it
And protects against
The damned,
it’s up to me
To not drop
What IT hands,

But today
May be a day
Gone crazy
Or perfect,
Liars & thieves
In Sheep’s clothing
Acting hella
I pray love
Hasn’t shunned me
And allows me to
Step on & stop the waves & the current,
Your at bat
And these mother fuckers
look hungry and with purpose,

I supply
Lingerie By day
And health insurance
Right after, Until the night,
I start off my day
Don’t step on my bulge
Because I don’t
want to indulge In swine,
What one can’t have
Seems to be the agenda
Everyone’s appetite,
Everyone wants to
Deal with me in shadows
Because I shine too bright
In the light,

I got fresh
Power steering
Whipping corners with a grip
Against all your attempts to make me frown,
The saint with the glory
A perv with a story
And the joy from a smile
Paint on as a clown,
I multitask With the purpose
To take full on advantage
Of every loop hole luxury
Before I blast off or drown,
I’m the best worker
You can have
Success bound who right now
Has every full intent on dicking around.

employee of the month

you must do as your told

maybe even bend the truth,

you have to meet your numbers

or your commission isn’t coming through,

to your bank account to pay the bills

and live the life you’re so a custom to,

sell sell sell

or say hello to little boy blue..

here are the resources and rules

put away any second thinking,

you’re getting paid to do and say

all that this script which has been revised a million times has given,

so that the person on the other line

only stays and understands all that’s within,

the guidelines you provided

so that they aren’t consumed and led astray by that  open mind type of demon,

Are you a  closers?

can you make the cut?

there’s always something to buy

I know you can use the commission/extra couple of bucks,

upsells are key

yes yes yes’em even if they say what,

just get their credit card information

and you can be employee of the month