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Rage of the Bull

I don’t like iT
How iT sits there,

Looking away
How iT
Upsets me.

I chase.
iTs always
A step ahead,

Making my blood boil
In envy.

Why are you so sure?
While my mind
Is in such
a frantic frenzy.

I have this
On my back,

That rides & kicks
Like iTs

I charge & buck
But iT clings
To the coat
Until all of my rage
is empty.

Then leaves me
All alone,
In the stable
Right where it found me.


iT’s funny
How iT

Even more hilarious
How iT

iT’s only still
For a moment,

Until faith’s fury
Fills the eyes.

Perceived limitations
Like instigation,

No longer
Has me
Wondering why.

I can only wait for
The next moment,

Since I cant live
And let die.

Sit & Wait

I sit

and I wait,


is sure to come.

I’ve noticed never when I want it

no matter how fast I run,

towards it

I absorb hits

still leaving me with none,

of the excitement

fear ignites with,


you’re no fun

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

all the way inside

past all the blood and the guts

way beyond the bull shit

all the flesh and all the scruff

we have something that motivates

contemplates and spiritually moves us

where we have to take a stand

or let them stand all over us

while our brothers die & our sisters cry

when is our enough ENOUGH

until we actually do something

and quit leaving it up to luck

if we don’t have something to believe in

we’ll fall for which ever bluff

those who stand for nothing

fall for anything/by then/ the response will be “that’s tough”