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Smoother you I will,
Deeper and deeper.
I need you
To Not move.
As i carve into
Your body
And thrill,
Every inch
Pulsating with power
I drill,
Into you heart
Out through your soul
Love you
I will.







to what choice

and greed

has taken me away from,

humble beginnings

of barefoot


on rough,


that has allowed me

to appreciate

a soft touch,

and in

that essence

it makes everything

“never enough”,

for having to

wait so long

I feel some sort of


not accurately


for every cause

and where iT is spent,

being blessed


yet not wanting

to pay rent,

ignoring what others are due

further postponing the dew

that I long for

from  every touching my lips,


walk freely

my everything however

remains suspended

opposites attract

I don’t

get it

I really don’t


how one

can make “love”

to someone who

doesn’t comprehend,


twist and turns


supply and demand,

two different

walks of life

one glorious beast

with two backs,

it’s of lust

so inside

im aware

that its bad,

but this a

new demon

that I’ve never

ever battled with,

I’ve never been

so deep

so lost

so intimate,

the soul

off to the side

waiting for me

to take a  stand,

to get up and leave

but this feeling

has control of me

it wrapped around the neck,

starting with kisses there

then down

to the


then the digging 

of her claws

leaving scratches

on my back,

me lifting

tossing her

rag doll esq

she wants fight she gives a slap,

only enticing me

do go even deeper

to make her

lose wind/gasp,

she likes it

she loves it

im told not to stop

because she’s about to climax,

my god

my temptress

oh my

how opposites attract

How many times must we go through this?

I come to you often

most times

you just ignore,

I don’t like

getting rough

but if im gentle you just absorb,

and reject any open doors

so if it’s not what you want

then I know you, you wont explore,

a closed mouth

can’t get fed

and your picky like a whore,

who’s done her time

around the blocks in the ghetto

who then moved up to the east side, near the expensive sea-shore,

now you think

that your special or something

or another,

I in love

I earnestly


that you shake off

your habits quick

because I’ve teared you down once before,

history has a way

of repeating it self

and it seems like I must, like a chore,

get your attention

in some dimension

in an allure,

blame who you truly worship

because it aint the based GOD

thats gotten you out of this once before

dont you rock my boat

i row


row my boat

furiously up the stream,

with every thing that is pushing

more & more

against me

roughly & forcibly,

but i havent noticed much difference

since its old news

and it all seems the same to me,

you cry

you plead

with tears

that bleed

rocking the boat

that softly

nestled me



dont knock

what you can’t see


what i wished

would be