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a few shades of grey

Love me

Love me

do more than say

that you love me,

and when I push you away

as I walk away

I need you

to grab my hair & pull me

inspiration or creation

thoughts like random brain farts

normally float out

but im being hit with concepts

that are sly talking their mischievous way in,

suddenly and yet not fast enough

the ground is in the sky

im falling up

and I can’t tell where something ends and where it begins…

angles and theories

jokesters who seriously

don’t know if their delirious

or sane enough to know the difference from righteous,

 sitting on top of clouds

getting a tan from an eternal sunshine

 of a mind that at times

seems as packed as time square and then empty and spotless


What good are words spoken
If they won’t be listened to,
How can action be taken
If no one is willing too,
Is there such a thing as leadership
When following is all we do,
What are you trying to prove when your
Damned if you don’t & damned if you do

Crooked ti(me)

There isn’t too much
Time left,
Especially with so many people on the far right
Making such very wide lefts,
Technology makes it too easy
To get side tracked and lost in theft,
Downloading our morals away
Instantly and in hi-def,
Free sounds pretty good
When your starting off knee deep in high debt,
My iDevice keeps me constantly running
Making it so my stimulation sensors are getting absolutely no rest,
Important events are running off in the background
But instead of being out loud it’s set to silent,
Anything ignored for too long
Will grow angry and violent,
Wars forever on the tip of the tongue
With these elections it’s the perfect distraction,
So with so many miss directions
It’s easy to get tossed with the swept,
We can hope on the world to change
But I wouldn’t hold my breathe,
We don’t have too much time
So we know there isn’t much light left

By The Time

By the time

you have

all your ducks

in a row,

will you be

able to keep up

with how fast

the paddles then row,

can the stream

on a string

be enough

to satisfy the hold,

that you’ve been

clinging on to

from the days of your youth

now that your old,


is the word

we think when we reminisce

of how we’ve conformed,

stuck to our guns

but the ammo collected

hasnt grown

with the mold,

that the summer heat


but the winter

brings the cold,

that can either

freeze us on our tracks

or add a retail value

to our soul,


when you’re in water

and fly

when you have the wings to sour,


hold back

embrace your curiosity


not so invisible war

life is beautiful (when not a lie)

life is great (with no bitter taste)

life is good (when IT could),

life is like

a relationship

we never fully understood,

working backwards

from the suburbs

to the hood,

all because

one wanted to take

what wasnt ment to be took,

in THE constant


the soul became shook,

eagerly waiting

to read the next page

of an unauthorized book,

i see IT coming

im so excited

i cant even look,

simple rhyme scheme aside

there are things

that we choose not to see,

and just so you know

that’s going

to kill thee,


are controlling

what your thinking,

while your watching

jersey shore (or what ever you call reality)

the real world is breaking

The Cost

I AM thirsty

& my throat is often parched,

I drink what every body’s drinking

but satisfaction has yet to start,

diluting my attention

from searching other types of charts,

that can possibly

approach & penetrate the deep vaults of the heart,

way beyond the bridge

of what ladies have already arched,

way past the pain of what mighty men

have often marched,

battling to the death, with a balance more won

then most have lost,

figured it gave a reason

to wear a smile with a slightly jaded gloss,

but exhaustion has left warriors confused

with their mind’s eye crisscrossed,

with ethics & morals

off to the side heaved & tossed,

out in to the cold

still yet to defrost,

from the shakes & the quakes

and what victory has often cost