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I have to say


have calmed

like a storm,

that went

from real crazy

then right back

to the norm,

with a

silence that

no longer

holds on to its warm,

so much

might as well leave

right where

the edges are torn,

which i know

is like

erasing the moment

you were reborn,

why restart

to go back

so far

from the board,



just need

a little bit of dashes of more,

unless the plate

is full of shit

that only makes

you adore,

what doesn’t make

any sense

so why bother

trying to explore,

the bad

if it only brings

all that

and galore

with shit

that aint




that’s all

you’re going to get

if you implore for more

lighter flame

the people have spoken

but they know not

what they’re talking about,

caring more of

them selves then what

is happening all around,

why would you think

it’s so easy for politicians

to take the frowned upon route,

their fans are but only fans

that only circulate & shoot the

hot air that their leader is blowing out

we stick to our guns

that are influenced by the funds

that can so easily go up from infinite down to none

once lost only leaving us with options that we thought were done

claiming & praying

for a faith

& some saving

ahhh (pt 3)

so as if i never left

IT comes back in a breathe,

i can feel IT deep down

inside of my chest,

right where my heart beats

so tender like a breast,

made for a baby

that’s where I feel best..

Good Lord Please

give me strength

& show me mercy,

ive been a knuckle head

who has occasionally

cursed thee,

I have no excuse

other than it’s because my flesh is unworthy,

I pray you over look/forgive

all asshole workings…

I would say dumb stuff

& then dip on out,

not fully understanding

I have the power of life or death coming out of my mouth,

so technically

ive been like a cheating spouse,

sticking it were I could put it

and not even (considering beforehand) caring about..

How the other feels

oh goodness, how I miss you,

here comes the tear storms

im going to need many a tissue,

I do all these things

because I got a heavy crop of issues,

once again not an excuse

just my long drawn out way of saying, I will never diss you..

but even that feels & sounds

so meaningless and obsolete,

I can stand up

leaving the dirt that’s on my knees,

hold out my hands

as if I can reach thee,

moan my hymn

that my soul wants to scream..

ahhh… ahh ah…..

ahhh, ahh, ah

ahhhhh…. …. … .. .