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But I don’t wanna have fun,
Why must you make me?
I ate all my vegetables,
Why do you hate me?

Taking photo after photo
Of the milk man’s baby.
You say that you love me
But tell me Why don’t I believe thee…

In Life


we are

an image

 of our creator


 are we so evil?

Is it the world

whose space age


has somehow

broken through

the filter…

opposites attract

there can’t be dark

without no light

and you can’t feel empty


 some sort of filler…


are with the soul

of an angel

and there are those

hunting with the instincts

of a killer…


are “blessed” with both

at the same time


the destination

of the



 whats meant to be

what happens accidentally

and who forcibly

 pulls the trigger?

I suppose

this book

this passage

wouldn’t be entertaining

if it wasnt

a thriller

shadow approaching

there’s no way

to get away

when the better part of the day

has gone ahead and been slayed

not by the means of the mean/but by the time and retreating sun rays

now all that remains

is a little corner with no shade

and although never wanting to be burned/ I’ve grown accustomed to what I’ve paved

and the memory of what once was/now quickly fades

so I stand where I stand/and for no reason/just…. wait….

Our Outlet

Not so random
& not so random
Are assured
When you confirm
Your now living
With your next,
Which will make it
A bit harder to sneak around
I love a challenge
But is this a warning or a test?
To let my gorilla grip go
And truly truly
Play the role
Of the gone far away forgotten ex.
How can you speak
To him of love
And some kids,
Then call me right up
Soon as he’s turned away
In the bed/strictly
For the company of sex,
While I don’t mind
I want mine
And I love hearing you sing
“you the best”,
Its that lonely
drive back
That has me feeling
Something in my chest,
Is it remorse
Is it hurt
Or the realization that
The dog never rests,
Is this possibly
Keeping me away
From something real
And finally building my nest,
But then I worry
Over thinking
With a cold helping side of stress,
That karma
Will show her fangs
As soon as I
Fall in love again.
Should we stop
It’s so good
And all I do
Is continue to repeat selfish benefit,
Is IT missing
Am I tired
Do i now
need IT,
I’m in that
State of mind
Where The search for truth
I soon forget,
Love is quickly
By Our on going
Climax mind blowing Outlet.
I went from
Holding the leash
To letting you go
To be the pet,
Else where I fear
To label once again
Since you do us
With no regret,
I’m inside you
While you lie to
He who’s loves you
Knows not, Lord Jesus,
Forgive me
For feeling
So entitled
To what I deleted,
I’ve been living
Too good
Is pay back
Taking its time to pay like a check?
So I choose To be alone
So I can’t get hurt
From sticking a fork
In to the electrical outlet,
Maybe it’s the shock
I need
To shake my demons
And finally let,
Be something I give not just kept,
I don’t know
I really don’t
Killer please kill me
So I can be SoulPapo again

Wickedness around me


It smiles
It lies
It says what it wants,
Uses you
to abuse you
Until your purpose is done,
Some are alive
To bless
Others are, not so much,
A Woman’s scorn
Is the devils Open door
To do what ever he wants…
Love shouldn’t hurt
Unless its understanding
The concept,
To many
Opportunities pass
Trying to latch on and stop it,
Truth is
What it is
Believe not in the profit from prophets,
But in the raw
That even they
Must often box with…
If it didn’t work
Well Then my dear
It wasn’t meant for you,
Please don’t hold a grudge
For you
Know not, what you do,
Don’t Fuck with
The Lords children
What do you have to prove,
The all seeing eye
Sees it all
Chill out, it’ll take care of you…
I know right now
Your mad
And want to tear shit up,
Destroying somebody’s
Finances defiantly gives you
The pull and leg up,
But may the god
You claim to praise
Calm you down with a shake up,
Forrest fires
Could of been prevented
But that’s no longer where we’re stuck..
If power, money
And position
Seems to thrive your mission,
Then please believe
Real true love
Will be what is missing,
They say If you
Can’t Stand the heat
Then Get out of the kitchen,
Because with your intentions
Mind games & chosen routes
You kicking it with the wicked

The Fight inbetween the seams

I’m very much a lover

more so than a fighter

so the soul of writer

is stuck in between the wire

of being a safe distance away

and butt naked next to desire

looking at truth straight in the eyes

and calling her a liar

which he knows will inflame

and make her inquire

of a way to get even

until its blood that he perspires

which only engages him

to go out and inquire

a reason and/or excuse

to pour gasoline over a lit lighter

knowing the outcome

it’s a self destruct/self-defense mechanism insider,

the repetitiveness is finally showing its age

and both seem very tired,

stuck in the middle with our intentions and actions

while the devil laughs and admires

shoo away


but here

any place

will do,

slap me

gift wrap me

up-stream/down the river

just say shoo,

im waiting

for it

I’ve been expecting it

I see it in the queue,


to wait

is what has me

all bent up and confused,


for the best


what I’m so use to,

my eye lids

grow heavy

tears have no room

for “its too soon”,

these walls

are empty

their plain

making it all the more blue,

the scenery

is bland

my “once” moments are what use to be “had”

and that part is true,

if we don’t

learn from the past

what else

can the future prove,

if sadness

is all that re-occurs

give me

something new,

if you love

the way I lie

then my dear

it seems like you have something to prove,

what ever you’re trying

to change

is not for you

to change into,

it’s strategically


for you’s and yours

to consume,

in jest


and somehow from that

device/avoid your doom,

we’ve made

our mess

so now here’s

the broom,

I rather you

not say a thing

or if you do

carefully choose,

what words

you’ll win with


is  a matter of win or lose,

take me home

anywhere away from here

or please with the up most respect