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Sin oR spend the night alone

To thy own self be true-

(Oh) the night (woe) the dAy. 
It’s exactly who I’ve been lying too-

Bless it be the purgatory of fait. 
Waiting for something new-

Without paving any new way. 
The ignorant, fucked & crude-

Don’t mind the time or if it’s too late. 
The biggest truth-


Reality Bites

She was ready for love.

Every night she prayed
& she cried for it….

He wasn’t,
she found out the hard way,

So he suffered
for it….


I’m torn
On my wants
Needs Not
concern me too much,
We weren’t made
To be lonely
But honestly
What’s all the fuss…
Having to report
Check in
And Be considerate
Of someone else?!
Having to
Plan for two
When I can barely
Make decisions for myself!
There are some things
That look good from afar
And up close
Look far from good,
Maybe I’m jaded
not so easily impressed
With more thoughts of wouldn’t
Instead of actual woulds …
Only fools
Fall in love
And I’ve kept my eyes
Open for too long,
Now that it’s getting windy
I keep them chink
Because the breeze is
Moving too strong…
I’m afraid
I’m un sure,
There’s plenty of
Medicine in the sea
I just haven’t
Found the cure.