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Buy Me Love

Will lure,
The heart
Will see…

Intentions with gut feelings
So sure,
It’s no wonder why
We hurt so deep…

You can take & keep
Your cure,
The pain as a reminder
Actually soothes me…

The price
Of your couture,
Is sufficient
For all your suffering…


We were all
Given the same

Some just
A little more

Delilah’s Mama

Listens like spring
And she talks
Like June,

There have been mad amounts
Of Text messages sent
They haven’t been Responded to,

Face to face
Has been
Only break through,

But even then
It was only
to Be

So what else
Does one do,
But wait,

Track records
Haven’t been too kind
But who Believes
in a repeating of history?

I seek
Good company
I’ve lost
All my friends,

She needs neither one
So she remains
On the throne,

Part of me
To just show up

The other part of me
And fuels the other side
With a burning doubt…

Should it be
Such a battle
To want to help
Someone else, out?…

The King
Must of met a Queen
And my God,
She is something else….

she remains on my arm

thorn roses

for a crown

makeup making it difficult

to hide an expression,

her heart caught

on the web of her mind

lips sealed tight

for a confession…

broken down

so many times

the cry for consistency

laughs at the irony of her blessing,

since she came from my left rib

its only right shes takes my right arm

so that she’s forever a part

of my left minded meddling…

The next Move



I have iT

in my hands,

I want to do

something with it

but im scared

so I stand,

not too sure

on my next move

damn the feeling of feeling damned,

she fell right

into my palm

but to bother her

I can’t,

I fidget

feeling rigid

 I AM a Richard

I’m the man,

the king in me

is humbled

and I bow

as if on holy land,

that doesn’t mean

I don’t attempt

but every kick

is caught by another hand,

that assures me

somethings going to happen

but it’s not

what I have planned,

so all the more

does it make me mad

and all the more

do I demand,

for more

oh this whore

has me heated

and then a fan,

hovers over and cools me off

I’m put off

and forget

why I heavily pant,

once I sit

all the way down

I can now

figure out my next dance

Out the tomb

I had to
I had to kill
I couldn’t take IT
Any more
a fool,
I held back
For a week
the cravings
would be
But then The Killer
Who has no intention
On killing me
Gave me another reason
to prove,
That I’m a force
To reckoned with
should let me
Behind her walls
So that i can
The vale
from her eyes
The cloth from around her thighs
Because With Your lotions
and my warmth
I swear, (w/God) I can
All stimulant able
To leave
Your body laying
As if In death
your mind
In total
Giving you
Vivid visions
Like hallucinogens
On what the power
Of touch
Can really do…
And like that
I do, I do, I do,
I do, I do.
Promise you
That what you
Consider freedom
Epiphany will soon
Rise from
A hard headed
Cocoon .
Of this
Pre rendered
Of what
Dick The Spic
Can do.
My animal
Are placed
On pause
Out of respect
For you.
If I get
Beware my dear
I move.
To detail
To acceptance
The Big Boom

Have fun with IT

give’em a little bit of power

and see what they do with IT,

shower them with kisses

and see how quickly it takes for them to spit,

venom on their webs

as accidentally as premeditated gets,

its so sad how true to life

the flock of feathers sticks to the prototype of bitch,

one must be in full on character

to swallow pride and experiment,

give someone your entire world

see if they trash or they recycle IT,

are lessons learned best used to teach how to avoid

or how to get even with?

i still need more information

so for now lets just have fun with IT