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she doesn’t care

she just wants to break free,

no longer looking at her self

crying constantly comparing,

to others-her want

is never fleeting,

there are far too many options & things

for someone to be,

the essence of your self

isn’t quite as unique as you thought it to be,

looking for love in this club

that others simply go for mating,

being out and about at 2am

isn’t going to find you that love your forever seeking,

being of this world

is similar to a cat stuck in a tree,

may the servants of your God

hurry up and beam thee,




farther than the eye can see,

keep your arms wide open

and never cease from praying.


ahh (part 1)

Product Placement

God 1st

Then Bizar Mindz

Thats the brand…


i mess up

just trying

to wake up,

i put

my face on

as if

its make up,

but that

dont make up

because its

made up,

so here i am still

trying to


Right now

my soul is stuck

in a zone,

where im not able

to latch on

or be letting go,

on to anything

that also willing

to properly hold,


is hitting its peak

this SHIT is so old..

(soul) out with the old

(soul) in with the new,

just a ‘drop top’

down lonely avenue

on cruise,

im not to sure

what to do

im confused,

my scars our showing off

how their black & their bruised ,

so eww

like a tu-tu

take it away,

don’t bother \

saving BAD SHIT

for another day,

what good is negative

if its you

trapped in a maze,


not right now

im not trying to play,

go away

im trying to

give it UP to the lord,


he hears cursing

on all the evil that’s going on,

I pray

rocking back and forth

trying to tell him im alone,

but I cant

even speak

all I can do is moan..

ahhhhhh….. ahhhh…… ahhhhh….. ah…..