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Cash Inn Country

Like most love tales
It started
at a bar,

I was reentering
While She was busy outside
talking shit to the stars,

I walked in my date
And ran out To see
The Lone Queen,
With the scars…

That she kept
Well hid
But i am one who can see
Behind the walls,

Ready with her dukes up
I came at her
with a little bit of a charge,

Confessing feelings
While she
Laughed it all off
But I’m pretty damn sure
Entertained the thought,

Conversation furthered
So we went inside to
mingle with a couple
Other broads,

A Vibing energy
growing attraction
The more that we talk..

Both a little sloppy
But we’re saying exactly
What it is
That we want.

In octaves,
All for the name
Of love…

I can see
This lady full of life
Tries so hard,

Her physical needs
To make up
For the emotional

I was right behind her
Like I wanted to
Pay for the charge

But fast times
And Current events
Left her skirting off,

Oh woe
Is love
Stumbling outside
Of the bar….

Beg to differ?

she doesn’t want much

but im not willing to give

what she does,

it’s all a matter of love

and where my hearts come from

a slight push automatically receives a shove,

her right hook

has never been mistook

for some kind type of hug,

she’s mistaken

what is agape

with generic physical attraction,

considering how one meets

depicts what repeats

and what isn’t at random,

 “just” is just that

and there are no promises made

when we’re “just having fun”,

what you put up with

you end up with

 oh you beg to differ? I hope you have a good run

The Fight inbetween the seams

I’m very much a lover

more so than a fighter

so the soul of writer

is stuck in between the wire

of being a safe distance away

and butt naked next to desire

looking at truth straight in the eyes

and calling her a liar

which he knows will inflame

and make her inquire

of a way to get even

until its blood that he perspires

which only engages him

to go out and inquire

a reason and/or excuse

to pour gasoline over a lit lighter

knowing the outcome

it’s a self destruct/self-defense mechanism insider,

the repetitiveness is finally showing its age

and both seem very tired,

stuck in the middle with our intentions and actions

while the devil laughs and admires


You love me when you want to

I love you when I can,

we both hold on to what God gave us as a hostage

until the others complies with the demands,

that the other wants

wanting can f*** us pretty bad,

games are ment for children

yet here you are planning it out in advance,

so much cat and mouse

the cheese no longer fuses the same trance,

that it once lit the fuse of

its grown as stale as an uninspired square dance,

all this dosey doe

wields no more sort of romance,

if that ever was there to begin with

I no longer want to go into the darkness and take a chance,

birthing what the physical

couldn’t possibly intellectually or spiritually advance,

your as stubborn as al Qaeda

where’s the white flag?

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread of it each day, and at last we cannot break it.

will IT end

you’ve got

my attention

now what

are you

going to




will you

take the time

to breathe

and make sure

your decisions






will i

need to


what ever IT is

that you drop,


as soon as

you get

what you want

it doesnt take long

for the bubbles to pop,

 i dont like

having to


as soon as

i gain



im starting

to think

that what i

have been


is reeling


on repeat

oh so

many rounds,

if excuses

were for breakfast

lunch & dinner

ive gained so many

unnecessary pounds,