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I keep flipping
through dimensions
not yet finding
my correct page,
all are extensions
of what I was
where I’m going
which is way more complex then just a phase,
immune to movement
is but an understatement
the ability to speak out
is just the same,
the thoughts kept in me
is what scares me
my heart is relentless
my soul remains in the same place,
lost in the moment
I get caught
when I try to jump off of the stage,
the spot light
of awareness
keeps me bare ass
in shekels inside the cage,
frozen in time
like photographs
of sweet dreams
that never change,
I record and keep it dear
as it happens
and save it
just in case,
I’m never able
to break free
at least my memories
also wont escape,
routine happens
like a habit
its hard to kick
and so easy to partake,
there’s so many alternatives
the things that “can” happen
usually aren’t what “is”
its scary what jumps the plank,
the future is like a bubble
if we touch it the wrong way
its pops and explodes
forever shifting in change,
im so close
to getting “right”
but she my “love”
keeps getting away

i wish you could see what i could see

im a little afraid

that what I see

isn’t real,

and the real

that I do see

doesn’t nearly appeal,

to those around me

that I care for

it leaves me in seas of tears,

Me Soul

On a different page

don’t let the devil steal

that which

is really yours,

love shouldnt

go away or absorb,

into the bullshit

that we all consider to be the norm,

the things in which we think we need

come in many different forms,

neither of IT is love

if we need some more not to feel torn