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Rerun opportunities


Simple is
As simple does.
Which explains
Why one was,
Going through loops
Of an never ending run.
Repeating what
They’re too afraid of,
Jumping to and
Getting away from.

Skipping Steps

I’m not looking

both ways

i’ve noticed

i’ve been skipping steps,

doing way better

than I deserve

oh please tell me

horror isn’t next,

you reap

what you sow

 a wise man

once said,

but if i’ve been

a lazy awful bastard

is that what I’ve planting

or am I reaping from previous?

oh it’s so difficult

to figure out

I probably shouldnt

fill my head with such things,

but theres so much

that i’ve pulled away from

its hard to pull into

what I haven’t been wanting to see,

reality is reality

and thats something

that is going to be

with or without me having an alarm to ring,

is it wrong

that i’m enjoying my self

speaking loudly

while I have the ability to sing?

or should I

use every precious moment

to keep building

until I no longer breathe?



when thoughts comes to us

we need to say it


there’s somethings

so gnarly

its like having revelations

we need to write it down

before we forget iT

some times

all we have

is that/this one time

no matter how un intended

that/this tiny small fraction

is forever and ever inbeded

into souls

like roots


we need

to put down the pavement

so that others

can do their part

to spread iT

such break throughs

only happen