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In a Rush for a Belly Ache of Pain

in a race

to swallow

there’s no time

to chew,

my technique is fait

all attempts at glory are shallow

and to rewind would be kind

but I’m sure that’s only an option for a very limited few

darn my style of thinking

there’s far too much pressure

when pressure isnt applied at all,

is this a test

is this a quiz

or am I having to battle

through what lies between the fog,

of what you are wanting to show

and what I am needing to see and log,

I can only write down so many notes

until it gets lost in the jog,

in the juggle in the hustle

of the mountains that move

and leaves that rustle,

wrestling against my self

with my own stress seems to always bubble,

other things that have no thing

to do with anything but trouble,

my mind so ready to place a bet

and my soul is preparing for thunder